Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

You’ve Gotta Love Something

November 21st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 12 secs

That’s the power of love.

Life without love leaves a lot to be desired. Not that you have to be in love with someone else. It’s okay if you’re not. But you do need to love something. Otherwise you end up missing everything.

Blame writers for being enigmatic, but maybe it’s because we see things. Stuff that compels us to click away at keys or scrawl indecipherably with excitement. But in the end, the results are nearly always the same. We want to show the space that’s missing. Novelists write about it with passionate characters. While enthusiastic inspirational authors carve images out of words in an attempt to make it plain.

There is more to be had from life than what you are getting and we feel it with conviction. That, of course, is the marvelous point. Otherwise, why bother bringing up ideas that leave us unhappy? My love is the message of happiness. A unique blend that escapes the headlines and takes a little step aside to see things differently.

Happiness with meaning and character are unequaled answer. All other attempts to find lasting satisfaction can’t touch it. So that’s why I share this love with you. I believe it, and more importantly, I know it will bring lasting contentment to your life too.

Of course, you cannot get there by simply saying, “Okay, I believe in having good character and my life feels meaningful”.  They are great, it’s true. But there’s another magical aspect to lasting happiness that decisions, on their own, won’t do. You’ve got to love something.

Finding your deepest, most true to you passion is the biggie. You and I cannot thrive without it. Because, having a love for something that captivates you, energizes your thinking, and charges your feelings is all good.

To love your work, now there’s a thing. To find joy in what they pay you for is something of an ideal. But if that isn’t happening, what is? I can advise, suggest, and recommend until the cows come home. But in the end, you need to unearth this mysterious gem for yourself.

To know what you love is a miracle in itself. Once discovered, everything changes. From there on in, all you need do is pursue it and, immediately, life feels sweeter.

I’m not suggesting getting stuck on odd obsessions, or endless naval gazing at the expense of all else. But I do believe you need to be open to finding what inspires you until you connect with that which you love.

To put it into perspective: loving something ties in beautifully with meaning, and qualities of character too. They gel, making your love bountiful and filled with delight. While selfishness can’t possibly make any sense.

A life without love is a diminished experience, as if waiting in abeyance for the central event.

If you find this confusing, feel free to read something else here that does make sense. But if you understand this theme, roll it around your mind for a good long while. Then, when you are ready, open yourself up to that which you love.

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