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You’ve Got The Power

May 21st, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 28 secs

There's power in being you.

There’s power in being you.

How much power do you really have? You could, like many do, measure it in money. How about your assets? Or, maybe, your status?

But there are other forms of personal power, like looks for instance, and pulling power? After all, if you can persuade people, then surely that would give you influence beyond measure.

But there is a strength that mostly goes overlooked because, superficially, it doesn’t seem to exert much force at all. While it can give an ethical captain of industry certainty, and a kindhearted pensioner perseverance, it has a gentle dignity to it.

The oft-misquoted line, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness” says it all. Only the unthinking considers compassion to be feeble or some kind of limitation.

For those focused on dominating others, this kind of strength makes no sense. Where cash and prestige put you ahead of the game and, where looks measure your worth, compassion seems madness.

And yet, this “madness” is at the very heart of Christian belief, just as it is in other great faiths. A power that is at once gentle as a feather yet strong beyond all physical limits.

With compassion you can bring hope in a dark place, encourage the troubled, and inspire courage when others succumb to fear. This self same power is in you, me, and others we see. Yet, like movie superheroes that have forgotten their capabilities, most of us live oblivious to this precious ability.

Words of kindness and dignity are worthy ingredients in every conversation. Not in some soft and soppy way. But with authenticity and, on occasion, daring in the face of misunderstanding and rejection.

Having and applying this strength is not a matter of “buying” external strengths. You’ve got them already. You just need to step toward boldness, to the best that you believe in to apply courageous kindness.

Our greatest obstacle to living an empowered life is not what we lack. Rather, it is the limits we personally impose by not recognizing what we already have.

You’ve got the power.

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