We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

~ Dalai Lama ~

You’re Kidding Right

September 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 9 secs

But itthe ads say it's good for you.

But the ads say it’s good for you.

We are funny creatures really. With all of our mental ability and years of experience, we keep falling back into childlike habits.

Like when we try dieting. This is truly one of the funniest of all human behaviors and surely any self-respecting alien would be completely bemused deciphering what’s behind this strange pre-occupation.

For instance, when you are all primed and ready to shop “properly”: “No, I can not buy ice cream while I’m here in the supermarket. That’s not on the diet. No, no ice cream. Nope… Hmm, it does look pretty good though. Maybe if I only have a little bit. Hey that’s funny. They are having a special on Chocolate Whipple Scrumptious Ice Cream Delight and it’s family size. Everyone likes that. So I better get it.”

The bargaining that we do within ourselves is very strange. For, we are only talking to ourselves, after all.

That’s the funny part. We frequent resort to kidding ourselves and then refuse to admit it. Whether it’s making sweeping statements to ourselves that fall over after 48 hours (Smokers, are you reading this?). Or, publically announcing  (perhaps to your neighbor and their cat) that you have picked a list of New Year’s resolutions (only to either go very quiet afterwards, or blame others, or the situation).

If we didn’t do this kind of crazy grand planning and then defaulting Craigslist surely wouldn’t exist. There’s be no Mega Muscle Flex 2000 exercise equipment falling apart in the garage. Or, Vibrabutt Cellulite Freedom Machines begging for new owners.

Of course, kidding yourself is behind other strange behaviors too. Take the last time you heard bad news and started enlarging it in your mind. Though your friend hurt their leg and needs a doctor, a few hours of anxiety can easily convert it into total paralysis, amputation, and a surprise triple bypass.

And all the while, you keep negotiating. “If only her leg is going to be saved, I’ll never cheat at cards again”. Or, “I will be such a faithful believer if you fix this one up for me, God. Pleeezzz”.

With enough bargaining happening to get a Kuebler-Ross counselor nodding like a toy on the cars back parcel shelf, we wish our way through problems. Not that that’s such a bad thing. It’s just that, if you want to feel better more often you’ve got to strive for greater honesty with yourself.

A mindful approach to the funny games that we play first accepts what we are up to. Then it also allows us to question its merit and whether it’s working, or merely playing with notions of control.

Kidding yourself is not an empowering action. It only feels that way. So, if we want to have a greater sense of control the first stop is realizing that childish ways won’t cut it.  Instead, what we need to experience more release is greater personal honesty and a commitment to awareness (your time starts: now!).

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