Concentration is my motto - first honesty, then industry, then concentration.

~ Andrew Carnegie ~

Your Future Deserves Better

November 20th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 36 secs

What will your future be?

The future is a strange place. At once, it can feel predictable and familiar. Just as it feels mysterious and hard to fathom. Yet, I can predict a few things about your future without even meeting you.

“Don’t rob from tomorrow”. That’s something I’ve frequently said to my children as they’ve been growing up.  Take what you need to make today good. But resist the temptation of undercutting your opportunities tomorrow.

Whether it’s a day or two from today or much later, the principle is the same. Your future deserves your best now if you want to build it well.

Billions, if not trillions, are spent trying to determine what tomorrow will bring. Just so we know where future opportunities lie. But, some things are so predictable it’s amazing they are so frequently overlooked.

Right now, you have work to do and situations to face. Maybe you might even be able to factor in some fun. Yet, whatever you are experiencing, the needs of tomorrow weave through today and, like a thread, continue far ahead in all the habits you make.

In the future, you will need to be fit to handle the rigors of the day. You’ll be older, so you will need all the fitness you can build to do everything you’d like. No doubt, you’ll also be wanting an improved degree of financial security. So planning from here will definitely help.

Your future is filled with a host of unknowns. But, predictably, you will benefit from the support and connection of long-term friends. So be kind to the people you love and keep building on what you already share.  You’ll definitely need friends, come what may.

Farther on, beyond clear view, you will need to think at least as well as you do today. Though, potentially the future will demand even more of you. So be prepared to invest in your thinking, through reading, learning, and building fresh skills.

Some time in the future, you will face unimaginable challenges. You cannot expect them, but you can prepare yourself well with a flexible spirit and a willingness to adapt.

You can imagine your future will also bring unforeseen pleasures and a great deal of happiness too. By being ready to share as much of it as you can, you’ll also be able to increase its measure. Whilst, meantime, you can practice enjoying life as it is, by keeping yourself buoyant and ready to receive all the good that life brings.

Viewing your future this way, a whole lot of things can be ditched because you know they won’t give you a brighter tomorrow. Substance abuse, for instance, is sure to rob more than it gives. While, participating in anything questionable only undercuts our future freedom. Those who live indifferently are already setting their futures up for relationship failure. It’s obvious. But, for many, tomorrow remains a distant place and the future lacks proof until it’s here.

Everything that takes away from our tomorrow won’t work, as evidenced by the price of too many late nights. Or, the financial ouch of a “got to have it now” impulsivity. For us to mature and improve, our future depends on a generous measure of stability.

In so many dramatic ways, we don’t know what the future will bring. Nor can you completely predict how your future “you” will think.  What we can do though, is give our future selves something good to build on. And we can start now. By thinking about yourself in the future, you can give your future “you” the best help possible. I’m sure your future self will be grateful.


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