Wealth lost - something lost; Honor lost - much lost; Courage lost - all lost.

~ German Proverb ~

You Can Do It (With Help)

March 29th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 43 secs

There’s more to you achieving than effort.

Saying you are capable of more is not the whole story. You need help to do all the things that will bring out your best.

Too often, people declaring you to do everything leave out the collaboration link. Yet, without the support of others to do what you dream of doing, it might not be possible.

With a diet of Rambo-like heroes depicted in movies and TV, it’s easy to believe you can do all and do it completely solo. But that’s not so.

Most big achievements take teamwork, cooperation, and the willingness to work together. Without that approach, nobody can win the Tour de France, come up with a medical breakthrough, win Formula 1, build a big charity, produce a movie, perform lifesaving surgery, or all the other things we see as significant achievements. You need help to make big things happen.

Even artists working on their own must rely on others to appreciate their results, as surely no performance is complete without an audience. Whatever you do, you have to factor in collaboration to make the best of you shine through.

That means bringing out your best necessitates you to inspire others in some kind of way. Perhaps your dedication will do it. Or, maybe your willingness to use your gifts to benefit someone else will enthuse others too.

Whatever you do, your unrealized abilities depend on the help of other people. As soon as you know that, you have the key to unleashing your dreams and activating your hidden capacity.

Because, there is one more factor to fulfilling your capabilities and that’s sway.  When you dream of being more in life the first hurdle you face is inertia. On your own, it’s an Everest climb to change directions and make big things happen. But, if you have the benefit of other people involved, their influence creates sway. Unlike going it alone, you feel compelled to do what needs doing when there’s a social obligation to it.

Forget about the “cover me” mentality of movies when the hero leaps out into the face of fire and commando rolls his way to the rescue. Bringing your abilities out collaboratively involves talking through your ideas with like-minded people. With good communication and a motivating sense of purpose, your hidden talents can be achieved. So, you can make what seems outrageous today, a future reality.  With the right help, you can do it.


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