A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.

~ Victor Hugo ~

You are Such an Inspiration

February 18th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 15 secs

You are an inspiration. Thankyou!

How come some people are so inspiring? What is it about them that makes them such an inspiration?

Jen, a friend, is celebrating her birthday today. So, in the process of wishing her well, I started thinking about her. Why do I like and respect her? What is it about her that impresses me, and what might others appreciate as well?

As it happens, Jen has a lot of inspiring qualities, like perseverance, patience, and compassion. As an emergency health worker, her work is a perfect fit for her calm, willing nature.

You have inspirational people around you too. Some you can instantly recognize. Others, will take a moment or two to consider; especially if they steer towards the shy side.

Think about those who you find inspiring and it’s easy to see why. They possess qualities of character.  Communicating with kindness or courage, they touch us at a level that we don’t tend to talk about. But we feel it.

Which alludes to something crucial. For the beauty in someone else to come out, it needs to be appreciated. When you see someone as an inspiration it’s because you admire those qualities too. Both inspirer and receiver share the same values. Meaning, your inspirational friends are really signaling what’s inside of you.

That’s why it’s great to be inspired by somebody you can look up to. They bring out the best in you by touching on what matters. As an inspiration, your friend reveals your motivations. By reminding you of what you can do they prove that, if they can, you can do it too.


Who do you inspire?


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