Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

~ Winston Churchill ~

You Are Pretty Good

September 29th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 55 secs

Well I don't feel that "good".

Well I don’t feel that “good”.

In the spirit of the glass being half full I want to focus onjust a few things that are  good about you. Though we all have faults and the capacity to do bad, we have a tremendous ability to make our lives a triumph (and that’s definitely something to think about).

Whether you happen to accept it or not, you have strengths that are particular to you. In fact, everyone has some. Though at times we might question our capabilities, the good news is they remain with us regardless.

Reading this means you are literate. Statistically, most people who use the Web and regularly follow a blog are of above average education. So you have managed to wade your way through formal education (well done). Already, that means you have more choices than most and I imagine you also like to give life some  thought, rather than simply let it happen to you.

Together, with these factors, I expect you are a compassionate person. Someone who cares about others and believes there’s much more to life than selfishness.

So, regardless of what you lack, what you do is pretty good. By seeking to make your life count right where you live, your life is having a positive influence on others (and that is a beautiful legacy).

Despite all the inadequacies that might haunt you at times, your efforts count (though paradoxically your reliable hard work might be creating the climate for folk to take you granted).

Then again, as pleasurable as it is to get recognition and praise, what matters is what you recognize about yourself. For many a problem stems from our own misled self-perceptions undermining our self-respect.

Caught up in a downward spiral of self-pity and blame, it’s difficult to own anything praiseworthy about ourselves. Yet, our self-judgment, and anxieties are only part of us. They in no way tell the whole story… of your caring, your kindness, and the good in your intentions.

To know that you have done good in your life amongst all the rest, and that you want to do the best speaks volumes. You have immense potential and, because you are literate, you can tap into a wealth of wonderful knowledge to enhance your understanding.

How good are you at making your life a blessing? Well that depends on what you choose to do with your life, day by day. Forget about looking into a mirror to gauge anything more than looks. As ever, it’s your character and actions that matter most.

People of faith might add other factors. But whatever your beliefs, you can do immense good as you are. Right now, right where you are. You are pretty good.

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