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Yes Cats Know

May 20th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 13 secs

Cats know more that most people think.

Cats know more that most people think.

Cats are clever. Not in the psychological test kind of way, I’ll grant. But they do know stuff.

Like when you are walking ever so slightly toward the direction of the fridge. A mere inch or two vaguely kitchenward tells cats that you’re trying make a break for it. Sensing opportunity knocking, they are only too ready to come with you.

Cats know when you like to come home, go to the toilet, have meals, shower or bath, and go to bed. They know all these things because they watch what you do, day in, and day out and remember the details.

That makes our hairy little predators pretty savvy about what’s going on in their household. Even a car pulling into the driveway tells them who is coming and what is likely to happen next. Like dogs, cats work on probabilities, with a studied eye on proceedings. And, they are usually right.

You might not know if you snore. But your cats do. Do they run away at the din? Not at all. They know it’s one of those sounds that they associate with you being human. That’s why cats and dogs don’t bat an eyelid about all the things that you do. They’re used to you and accept you as you are (which of course is one powerful reason why pet lovers appreciate their cats and dogs so much).

When you are ill cats can sense it on you, presumably through your unwell smell and perhaps by sensing your pheromones. They know what sickness means and to, varying degrees, may treat you a little differently (especially if you are close).

After all, cats that get a lot of talking to and affection react differently to average household felines. Having had so much socialization they seem to think they are a little bit human and act accordingly. That’s why, for those who love their critters, cats (and dogs who do the same) make such splendid pets.

One look is enough for them to read your expression: “Is she friendly? Is she angry? Does she have food for me, or pats, cuddles, and a tickle under the chin?” Cats know enough about us to read these kinds of things. Just by sensing our movements and expression.

If you have pets then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. But if you don’t have any dogs or cats you could be thinking this is all a bit excessive. Because they are only animals aren’t they?

Well, yes, they are animals. But, “only”? Well I don’t think so. Treat creatures kindly and you discover a lot – about them and, also, about yourself. Because, cats and dogs know quite a bit about relationship, affection, and play.

Having cats share your life is much more than an indulgence. It’s about communicating with a different species, with all the joys and wonder that interaction brings.  For those of us who dare to share our life with a few warm furry creatures, it’s an ongoing discovery.  Because cats gently challenge you and have a way of making you think.

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  1. Gail Watson says:

    Love your comments about cats. I am also a cat shepherder. (Love the term. :))
    I was bedridden with illness for 3 years, and am now up and driving
    again. My cats helped get me well. I didn’t know who could possibly
    love them the way I did. I know you know what I mean. “}
    Thank you for the follow, and I shall be happy to follow you.

    • Feegs says:

      Thankyou, Gail, for sharing your insights, brought about through profound hardship. We laugh about these little furry beasts and their antics. But, really, they teach us so much, don’t they?