The heart has reasons which reason cannot understand.

~ Blaise Pascal ~

Yes, Breasts Sag

December 19th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 4 secs

Give your body a break.

The way the body industry talk about it, you’d think any sign of breasts sagging is some kind of mistake. But isn’t that ridiculous?

Now I know this is a tricky topic. So, if the mere mention of breasts gets you blushing, perhaps you ought to look away, read on blindfolded, or fix a cup of tea instead. Regardless, I feel it’s time the truth be said.

As it is, people worry far more about breasts sagging in their heart of hearts (amazing how many hearts some people have, but there you go) than they fear stockmarket collapse, Armageddon, or even more faded reruns of Dallas.

Mind you, when I say “people”, I really mean women. For some inexplicable reason, men don’t fear breasts sagging nearly as much. While women privately make clandestine jokes about gravity taking hold, men remain oblivious about the effects of Newton’s theories on their anatomy.

You never hear men lean back in their chair and say to their friend, “Well Reuben, how do you feel about your man boobs?” You don’t because men don’t notice much of anything about themselves. This, in part relates to fridge blindness and a telescopic field of view that takes in a mere 1 or 2 degrees. But I digress.

In case you haven’t noticed (and I bet you have but won’t admit it), the effects of sagging breasts affect many men (who, of course, never notice). But age, stretched ligaments, and an excess of corn chips contribute to this natural side effect. So, even if it feels too personal to discuss, it’s not a bad thing to acknowledge physical change.

As it is, most of us tend to be burdened with feelings of inadequacy. As if my man boobs meant the equivalent of failure. Surely, it’s time we started to accept the honesty of our physical selves and gave up aping impossible stereotypes? Wrinkles, crinkles, sagging breasts, stretch marks, and ageing skin are merely hallmarks proving that we’ve lived a while. Nobody ought to be embarrassed by that.

But of course, we are. Why? Because everyday we are bombarded by ridiculous images that say, “thinner, taller, scrawnier with flawless skin” is in. While, every other body type has got to be out. Practically, of course, that puts billions of people in the doghouse, because how many people really look like that?

It’s the new century. Time to look past obsessions about cellulite, sagging breasts, hips, and, err, balding heads. Call them all challenges to dignity. We live in and with our physical selves. But we are not just flesh and blood. Time to ease off the onslaught of body guilt and accept difference and ageing as healthily natural. I dare you to stop feeling shame about anything to do with your physical self and, instead, love the fact that you can live with compassion, courage, and a big bright sense of humor. Try it.


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