Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Will People Ever Change?

December 27th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

People argue.

Let me ask you, did you come across any people who annoyed you this week? Was it a trifling thing like a minor slight? Or, did it trigger a full-scale row, complete with hushed audience, showdown, and an after battle wrap up?

Seems like most of the world and all the “Miss Universes” over the past 5 decades all want world peace. Yet, we still can’t even quell the raging storms that strike in our personal life, let alone stop mass conflict. Is it because people can’t help but get into scrapes with each other?

After all, you might innocently be minding your own business when, suddenly, someone passing takes a strong dislike to you, gives you a shove, and then lets fly because they say you’re blocking their way. That’s all it takes for some people to lose their rag and descend into a rage. How scary.

Then, sometimes, at the end of a stressful day dealing with belligerent people, we too can explode. The moment your partner or kids does something irritating, you snap back in reaction. Seconds later, you’re blurting out anger in words that don’t deserve to be heard. Why do we do that?

You could go down the moral road or the psychological path to answer that. But let’s just say that we as people have a tendency to crack at times and, when we do, sense flies out the window.

Some insist it’s okay to let it all hang out and give people both barrels of your rage as it comes. But, to me, that’s not only excessive, it’s ugly.

On the other hand, there are people who say expressing aggression is unacceptable in any way. Instead, we should have total mastery over our emotions to prevent us ever losing our head.

But what do you think? Are full on expression of anger okay, or should we be dealing with our outbursts internally? Whichever you choose, plenty of people will agree with you.

Looking at the way people react in daily life, it seems we do get angry and act inappropriately, at least to some extent. But “how badly?” is the question.

We as people are all capable of behaving more favorably if we choose. Just as we can learn to discern when it’s better to vent our spleen and when to hold back. That kind of subtle understanding is vital to avoid making hotheaded mistakes. Yet, it does call for a generous slice of insight.

The more we moderate our own aggressive moments, develop methods to cope and still express ourselves in agreeable ways, the more we reveal what “world peace” looks like personally.  People aren’t particularly interested in hearing about it. But when they see how you make peace, you capture their attention. Better yet, when people see your understanding in action they learn, firsthand, how to do it too.

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