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Will People Ever Be Better?

May 22nd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

Will people be friendlier in the future?

Will people be friendlier in the future?

People everywhere have always longed for a brighter future. We want that. But is it realistic? Can we reasonably expect that our society will improve to create a better life all round?

Some point to our rapid advances in technology and say that’s proof we are capable of making a better future. Likewise, we can see how medicine and general health measures have given us longer lifespans and ways to treat a host of dire diseases.

But is that enough? People the world over seem capable of much that is wonderfully good and yet also despicably bad. So, you have to ask yourself the question: are people any better living together today than they have been in the past?

Trawl through history and you quickly find all sorts of behavioral extremes. People have, at times, demonstrated hideous brutality toward one another and nature itself. While, it’s also clear that people have also shown incredible passion for good and remarkable kindness of spirit. So are we really progressing.

Many an idealist dreams of a Utopian vision for the future where we can all live together as friends in harmonious society. However, given the way people live, somehow I don’t believe that’s going to happen.

That might surprise you. After all, shouldn’t I be promoting happiness with an upbeat image of a happy future for everyone? Well, the reason I am not so sanguine about our capacity for perfect society is our track record. Our nature as people demonstrates a range of behaviors, going from despicable to noble. So why should the future be so dramatically different?

People will do what they choose and, sometimes, such choices end in conflict and tragedy. Whilst equally, people everywhere can excel in great deeds, goodness, and graciousness.

My passion for helping people find happiness in a fractious world is not fanciful but practical. Suffering comes, just as some people make bad decisions. Yet these difficulties needn’t limit the value of all the good we can do.

Regardless of the hardships, we can endure, bring happiness, and find contentment for ourselves. People everywhere have this capacity, which is both exciting and inspiring. So we don’t need perfection, Utopia, or for everybody everywhere to be on their best behavior. We, who want to live a more fulfilling life, just need to live out our qualities and happiness, and share them with everyone else.

Will people ever change? I doubt it. But that’s no barrier to creating beauty and sharing the good in you with others around you. Amidst the confusion and trauma life brings, you can be an agent for kindness, courage, and wisdom. These qualities, and others like them, can thrive in any conditions. Whatever changes society brings, you and I have the power to live well according to our beliefs and by sharing our best. That is more than enough.

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