Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.

~ Plautus ~

Why You’re Better Off Being Happy

August 4th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 32 secs

Doing what I love makes me happy.

I’ve got good news for you: you’re better off being happy. Not the put on, ping-pong ball eyed “look at me being happy, happy, happy” type happiness. But the kind of happiness that comes from satisfaction.

You might be thinking, “Fine. Like I can suddenly be satisfied. Great tip. Thanks for nothing.” Yet I believe this kind of happiness is attainable despite a whole host of obstacles.

You can choose a lot in life. Frequently, we pick things because we believe they’ll make us happy, don’t we? But lasting happiness is intrinsic. You can’t get it; you can only create it.

And how, oh smartypants, can we do that?” you ask. By creating the conditions that living according to your values, and filling your life with noble meaning, can do.

Now I know some people insist that happiness is shallow, fickle, and basically unnecessary. But don’t believe them. You’re better off being happy for a whole host of reasons. Never mind that actually creating a life that inspires your own satisfaction is a pleasing and rewarding thing. For starters, being happy boosts your immunity, enriches your relationships, enhances your resilience, and makes you more attractive to others.

Need any more reasons? Well, expressing qualities of character and working to achieve genuine contentment by doing what you truly believe in isn’t just about us. Everyone your life touches gets a benefit too; in the good you share, by the example you set, and the fruit that come from your efforts.

We all put out a vibe that speaks of whatever we truly believe. Being cynical, hardheaded, or heartless sends a signal everyone recognizes. These ways might “work” but each exacts a heavy toll. People avoid these feelings and in the end, are repelled, leaving nothing much but sadness.

If you want to experience greater social engagement, you’re better off being happy. Which means your focus should be on finding what matters most to you and letting your life overflow with beautiful meaning. Choose to live with dignity and the combination germinates a lifetime of happiness. Not in a constantly grinning frenzy, but a deep and abiding contentment. I know what I prefer.



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