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Why You Need To Keep Learning

September 28th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 16 secs

Think of learning as a good habit

Think of learning as a good habit

There’s a problem with the way we go about learning. It’s that we pay more attention to formal courses than becoming life-long learners.

Worse, society implies that you do most of your learning when you are young. Then, anymore education should be for some specific reason, like a career move or promotion.

But learning was never meant to be that limited. Just like the way we divide ideas into distinct boxes. It isn’t a true reflection of the way we really think.

For starters, people who lack much formal education are often quite capable and, sometimes, highly intelligent. Their learning comes through living life. And of course, that’s exactly what we all do once we’re done with school. We keep learning, about relationships, handling problems, and how we fit in this extraordinary world.

Yet, because of the divide between formalized learning and informal discovery, we can all too easily reduce our learning capacity. By focusing on repeating themes rather than breaking out into new territory, it’s all too easy for our thinking to shrink.

That’s why it’s important to consciously learn new things and why I believe in teaching people to be self-driven learners. Rather than spend a fortune on courses necessarily, there is a wealth of information to be found right below our nose.

The Internet, for instance, offers a gold mine of resources if we know whereabouts to look. While many communities have resources to increase our knowhow in all sorts of areas. Yet the key is not where to look but whether or not you want it.

Personally, I passionately believe in being a self-driven learner, and here are 7 reasons why:

  1. It’s fun
  2. Discovery is inspiring
  3. You feel energized by new ideas
  4. It keeps you young-minded
  5. You don’t get bored
  6. You meet new people who enjoy similar interests, and
  7. It is good for your brain.

For instance, you could learn a new language, pick up a sport,  take classes in something completely different  to the rest of your life, learn more about art, music, cooking, gardening, or… just anything that tickles your fancy.

Continually engaging in learning brings stimulus and helps you to generate your best.  Whether it’s for your career or just for the heck of it, doesn’t matter. What does is that you keep on learning and feed your curiosity.

Of course, the alternative to education is hardening of the categories. People who say, “I know everything worth knowing so what’s the point?” have quit and are already on the way out. Their magnificent brains have become pot bound and remain occupied by tiny ideas like, “What’s for dinner” “I don’t like him” “Life is boring except for my favorite TV show”, etc.

Crudely, this is roughly equivalent to using a giant supercomputer to perpetually run tic-tac toe. That’s truly a gargantuan  waste of potential.

So refuse to let television determine your thoughts or your time. Choose to do something you’ve always said you’d like to do. Be bold and show folk what you can achieve. Because the potential within you is beyond anyone’s imagination. Which is why lifelong education is so powerful. Learning releases you.

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