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Why Wedding Wishes Matter

April 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 30 secs

The best wedding wishes are funny, uplifting, or boh.

The best wedding wishes are funny, uplifting, or boh.

Warm wedding wishes must surely go back as far as the ceremony itself. The desire to want to honor a couple with kind words and prayers reflects our intentions for them and, also, for the future.

Consider couples in love. They have hopes and dreams about what life will be like together and the prospect of raising a family. With wedding wishes centering on having happiness’s like the ones they’ve already known, marriage also beckons with even greater ones to come.

So when you celebrate the bond between a couple with wedding wishes both warm and funny you – like them – are looking to a time ahead beyond where any of us can see. Like a time capsule of intentions, all that’s worthy and wonderful is affirmed in the wedding ceremony to help propel the happy couple toward their future.

Though wedding wishes may be entertaining, they are always highly symbolic. As a distillation of what matters right now (even in jest) they say something about what we want in a couple’s future and, even, what we believe marriage to be.

For the sentimental and those with good memories, much that’s said and done on a wedding day gets kept. Close relations, friends, and the couple themselves will retell events as part of the family history to keep its memory alive.

However, much will also be forgotten as the years roll by. Photos kept and treasured will be stowed in special albums, yet rarely seen. Gradually, the vows that had so much significance will also become a fond and distant memory. That’s why only the most tender or utterly funny wedding wishes are most likely to “survive”.

Regardless, if you have a wedding to attend, go ahead and enjoy the whole celebration. Just remember that what gets said and done matters. Wedding wishes deserve to be filled with sentiment so the bridal pair will remember them and how you really feel.  Because, one day, those wishes may well be part of the couple’s treasured memories marking the start of their daring, personal love adventure. fff

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