Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

~ Mark Twain ~

How Come a Good Ear and Heart Matter?

June 6th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs

A good ear and a warm heart bring us together.

It’s okay. Any suggestions that a good ear and heart are connected to health problems are baseless. Unless you have a rare medical condition, ear creases are no more telling than tealeaves in a cup. But there is something else about a good ear and heart that’s worth thinking about…

Listen Ear

People don’t listen. Sure we hear informational stuff. Mostly. But much that could transform relationships is passed over. Call it habit, laziness, or indifference, but today, a good ear and heart makes you someone remarkable.

Nowadays, the focus is on how clever technology is. Astounding feats can be achieved and it’s easy to see how hi-tech fascinates. But the steady needs of human beings have been neglected. Except for science, much about being human and living well is being sidelined or monetized. Relationship, that most complex element of exchange, isn’t advancing. Watching it in simulation on movies and TV, reading it in text, and experiencing it personally gives us our fix. But the quality of relationship and how it can transform our life is confined to the ideal of lovers. Is that the only place for learning about the value of a good ear and heart?

A Good Heart Changes Lives

You know that old saying, “It’s not what you have but what you do with it that matters.” Isn’t that so apt when it comes to expressing compassion and appreciation for the people we know? It’s you that’s the precious part. Not your looks or bank account. You can be as plain as homemade lye soap, but if you have a good ear and heart, people will adore you.

I tire of all the focus on first impressions, dressing for success, one-upmanship and ways to dominate with ego and arrogance. It’s as shallow and sour as a stale saucer of milk. What this threadbare existence sorely lacks is genuine integrity. Thankfully, a good ear to hear and a heart for help people changes all that.

Look around you at the people you know. How much is their life influenced by a good ear and heart? Are they listened to and given the love and understanding they need? Do they hear you and offer you kindness and comfort in their company? I believe these totally non-tech elements are really the “big thing.” Not how many gigapixels and teraflops your digital squeezebox has. I am sure to the core that we are missing something fundamental. Worse, our society is wandering. Unless we put the focus back on relationship qualities we’ll become increasingly miserable; regardless of the GFC, GDP, OIC, then, Is It Me?

Despite all the literature and media fashion for ambiguity, I love happy endings. So how do we get one when people are being cheapened? Let’s start with us, shall we? Let’s practice a good ear and heart personally with the people we know. It’s not easy. After all, good relationship building is something of an art. But keep working on it and shape your life with it. That way, you will create your own splendidly happy beginning, middle, and ending. Come what may.


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