It seems that laughter needs an echo.

~ Henri Bergson ~

Who Wants Perfect 10 Bodies?

August 19th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 43 secs

What’s behind the desire for perfect 10 bodies?

What drives us to seek out perfect ten bodies? Is it a hunger for perfection? Or, perhaps just a lust for what we see as ultimate beauty?

If you long to enjoy the affections of those with perfect ten bodies, it’s worth asking some questions. Because somewhere inside us we can all too easily become the prisoner of our desires. Assuming it’s not you but someone else that you aspire to admire, then there’s something about this quest that feels unobtainable. When you think about it, seeking out visual “perfection” in others is loaded with a lot of symbolism, don’t you think?

Having failed majorly to reach physical perfection ourselves, it’s kind of strange to think we should search for it in others with “perfect ten bodies”. Surely seeking people roughly equivalent to us would seem to be a more credible prospect. That is, unless it has something to do with constructing fantasies of exquisite people that, quite possibly, don’t exist.

Bodies, perfect 10 or otherwise, are continually changing. That attractive just so face and figure refuse to stay that way. As we age and grow our shape changes as it should, making everyone’s appearance nothing more than a snapshot in time. So, perfect ten bodies are fickle and fleeting, and maybe, for good reason.

For good lovers aren’t obsessed with the illusion of perfection. They know that stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes, and bulges are part of the whole physical package. And they love it all. Yes, real lovers love real people. They don’t need perfect ten bodies, behavior, or character to find their desires and passionately love.

Connoisseurs of beauty want more than some media-packaged version of beauty. They want what they rightly deserve: to love and adore someone who reflects their own “perfect 10” thinking. As the beholders of beauty they bring out the best of it in the person they love.  For admirers with beautiful desires, their love more than makes up for our less than stellar moments. For, in truth, perfect ten bodies are a manufactured myth. Nobody is constantly attractive because when we wake up, feel sick, look unhappy, agitated, or feel really tired, we cannot sustain anyone’s ideal. Perfect and people don’t mix. Which mean, if we desire perfect ten bodies we need to do some thinking. Are our desires grounded in humanity, or are they merely rapt in plastic fantasy? Ask, what do we really want: some thing or some one?



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