If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

~ Tenzin Gyatso - 14th Dalai Lama ~

Who Says Happiness Runs on Cuddles?

January 15th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 26 secs

Cuddle me!

How sickening! Cuddles? Happiness? Next I’ll be saying that kisses are good for you too. And you’d be right. Despite all the things you can buy and build, nothing touches happiness like warmth and affection.

It’s blitheringly obvious when people are missing cuddles. Standing stiffly, they develop a drawn looking complexion. Plus people tend to get angrier easier if they remain cuddle and kiss deprived. The power of touch is a tremendous force in human behavior. Yet, see how little there is.

We may have water shortages, fuel shortages, and a shortage of shortages. But a cuddle shortage? Now that’s serious. Why do you think people crave massages so much? Granted, it might simply be because the soothing of tight muscles is such a mighty relief. Yet I can’t help but think it’s also related to cuddle deprivation.

Somewhat sinister studies have shown that babies and children depend on cuddles and physical displays of affection to thrive. So how come we stopped caring about what happens afterwards? Is it too awkward to discuss? Too politically incorrect maybe to think that, as human beings, we depend on touch so much?

You can’t quite imagine corporate executives dying for a cuddle can you? Or highflying film stars spending their day yearning to be held. But I have a sneaking suspicion that some at least do. We all do. Being human it’s in our how to handle list.

Never mind the risk of shrinking in hotwater, cuddles are crucial for our happiness and fulfilment. Stains will wash off…eventually. Scrapes and bruises heal. But living in a cuddle free zone? That’s not living. For people everywhere, that’s mere existence.

So if you are feeling less than adequate, overwhelmed, or kind of out of it, find a friend. Pick someone, almost anyone, and have a cuddle. It may not be rocket science, but it sure elevates your quality of life. Fortunately, not only is it affordable, it’s also meant to be shared. So helping you helps someone else. How clever is that?


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