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Who Needs An Office Team?

February 12th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 0 secs

Who else but an office team will get it done?

When you think about it, everybody seems to benefit from the work of a good office team. Despite so much Western emphasis on solo stardom at work and socially, teamwork does it better.

Of course, people get together to do all sorts of remarkable things. Think of achievements in movie making, concerts, and sport to name a few. They get our attention. Yet, I suspect it’s the quietly achieving office team efforts throughout our communities that carry the most clout. Even if they lack all the limelight, a lot of influence comes from the combined efforts of clerical personnel.

Why are office teams so important? Well, whatever you care to mention, if it requires organization, chances are there’s a group in an office somewhere making it happen.

Whilst individuals on their own can get a lot done, an office team in flow is an indomitable force. With synergy, a crew can plough through a ton of work, construct systems to get work done out in the field, and provide the necessary back up for other teams to get their stuff done.

While it might not seem exciting, a well-coordinated and happy office team can virtually speed up anything, from a new medical breakthrough to a national job program. Trouble is, most people working together in offices don’t feel all that empowered, or appreciated (let alone inspired).

With morale hovering at a low level, many employees take a somewhat jaundiced view of their office team situation. Snitching, backbiting, and active undermining plague work groups, rendering reduced efficiency, and way too much baggage to make the place hum. Which is significant because inside these hidden halls, the efficiency of our community is more or less shaped from the paperwork up.

Even if you don’t put a foot through the threshold of an office, its group dynamics will influence you anyway. Whether your license gets processed, your ID verified, taxes handled, and permits granted frame your existence. And that’s just Government. Every middle sized business and beyond has an office team beavering away to keep each place humming. Not dramatic perhaps. But without their consistent efforts and cooperation we’d struggle to make a medical appointment, buy a home, rent a car, or go department store shopping

While we venerate heroes and look up to legends, it’s time we spare a thought for humble office teams who make the basics happen. We rely on them all to coordinate their tasks right on time with dedication and humane attention.

For everyone behind a desk who works hard to do things well and does their best to collaborate under pressure, we salute you. For putting a compassionate face to what could otherwise be an indifferent process, thanks to you and your particular office team for helping to make life that little bit easier.


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