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Where In The World Are You?

January 6th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 10 secs

Not where I'd choose to stay but definitely an experience.

Not where I’d choose to stay but definitely an experience.

“If you live in the world”. That’s the slogan for SBS, an Australian multicultural TV station. It always struck me as an odd strapline, given you’re unlikely to live anywhere else.

Okay, I know about half a dozen or so people live up in space at any given time on the International Space Station. And you could say all those people aboard aeroplanes are technically somewhere else. But really, Earth is our only home and we all share it together.

Having travelled a wee bit I have noticed a common thread. People everywhere feel the pull to be somewhere else. Paris looks oh so exotic when you live in Houston. While, Hobart sounds far-flung and curious when you live in Dresden or Shanghai.

The sense that someplace else is better, has greener grass, or offers a sweeter life is common to humanity throughout the ages. Along with our human restlessness that quickly tires with the familiar and desires whatever seems just out of reach – these factors have made us natural travellers.

Yet, in truth we all live somewhere exotic. At least, to someone living somewhere else. Because we stop noticing much of what is special yet still need to feed our insatiable need for novelty, we naturally seek new vistas to spice up our encounters.

Fortunately, the world is big enough that there is always somewhere new to discover the moment you decide to explore. For me, the effect is immediate as other places teach me once again to see, reminding me about what I’m missing right where I live.

Superficially, that might seem a little silly or even indulgent. But travelling  (as opposed to vacationing in a tourist resort) is all about learning and that’s always a good thing.

Travels mind-broadening (and some say “behind-broadening”) effect is not just about discovering what’s novel someplace else. It’s also about reminding us where we belong, what we take for granted, and what we share.

Being reminded of that sense of place your own home exerts is altogether wonderful. Finding yourself a world away from it teaches you that.

So where in the world are you? Are you itchy to experience new places? Or, are you content right now simply to stay put?

Living in Tasmania, one of the most beautiful places anywhere, you’d think I should be happy never going anywhere. Yet, there are two parts to beauty. The first is obviously something wonderful. While the second is having the appreciation to “release” it.

Paradise, therefore, isn’t bliss unless we have the awareness to see it. So, wherever you are right now (be it in one of the greatest cities of the world, in some provincial hideaway, or traipsing the world like Carmen Sandiego), there is always something to appreciate, savor, and reappraise with new eyes.

If you are anything like me, then maybe you need to step away from the scene now and then, go exploring elsewhere, before coming back to the best home there is: your home (wherever it is that you live).

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