It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

When You’re Too Busy To Breathe

October 4th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 6 secs

How busy is too busy?

You know you’re too busy when things start dropping off. No, not body parts, but small slices of your life.

Like an iceberg fragmenting in surging seas, bits of our capacity break off. Being too busy, we begin to retreat. No energy to call our relatives, or take time for a proper lunch. Then find ourselves struggling to piece together what it was we just forgot.

Sometimes, you can actually feel yourself disassembling. There’s nothing left for each other, let alone having stamina if we did. By degrees, being overly busy deconstructs us. We don’t have time for all the lovely things anymore. Just the essentials. Keep up the busy rush and one day you realize life has lost its flavor. Then you wonder why you bother.

In my book, I explain the importance of breathing as a means to find calm and center your self. Having a very brief routine of restorative breathing can counter some of the harmful effects of excessive busy-ness. So, you can at least connect with feeling human again amongst all the rip and tear of modern life.

Without pause, the rush, rush, rush of being exceedingly busy can consume you. Chronically functioning with a high level of cortisol – the stress hormone –deconstructs you too. Because, as you know, we were never meant to live in a perpetually frazzled state. Even if we get addicted to the thrill factor, being too busy remains plain unhealthy.

That’s why I encourage you to start stealing the odd moment, just for yourself. Start with conscious breathing, and work out with moments of simply being aware. Not talking or thinking particularly. Only noticing the moment (like you sometimes do when you’re driving).

Ultimately, I want you to conquer your life and claim it all back. None of us can live a satisfying existence if its happiness is condensed into weekends, and the odd passionate moment. Life’s richness will only evade you if you’re living busy to the point of anxiety.

Because nobody else will rescue you, you’ve got to rescue yourself. I’m happy to help you with the odd tip or two. But you’ve got to be the one to start actively claiming back all the unhappy parts of your life, to shape them into something lovely.

Of course, if you are too busy, chances are you will nod your head but skip the advice (simply because you’re too busy). But take note: chronic exhaustion is merely the first warning. Continue and things will only get worse.

But, if you start creating a way out from being excessively busy, you can free up your future and rediscover some of your favorite pleasures. If that appeals to you, why not take some small baby steps toward more rest, reflection, and time to breathe. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and life is too busy, now is time. Because one thing is certain: you deserve much better.

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