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When Your Goals Get Blocked

July 21st, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 14 secs

The road to achieving is full of obstacles.

The road to achieving is full of obstacles.

Much like plumbing, goals get blocked too. One minute everything is going swimmingly. Then, suddenly, nothing moves and, pretty soon, everything starts spilling over into one almighty mess.

When your goals get obstructed, your temper is liable to bubble over, as if seemingly out of nowhere. Even the most mild-mannered, even-tempered type is likely to get deeply incensed by somebody obstructing their intentions.

If your plans to return to do a course get sunk by a dismissive boss’s refusals. Or, your husband decides to veto your attempts to arrange a romantic cruise; it’s amazing just how much anger abruptly erupts.

Maybe, that’s because we invest so much of ourselves into our plans. It’s as if someone else’s denial is like a personal slight rejecting us in the process.

Which is why it is helpful to know that this dynamic typically triggers an anger response. Predictably, having key goals means experiencing periods of intense frustration, so it’s wise to be prepared. Then when anger and frustration rise up you can understand why the situation generates such emotional intensity.

Instead of yelling because somebody is chronically holding you up, you can recognize the trigger for what it really is, and how our own expectations are the main factor ratcheting up the pressure.

So, know your goals and have an expectation that the road to achieving them inevitably comes with potholes and obstacles. They wont necessarily stop you, But they will test your commitment.

And remember: when your goals get blocked something has got to give. So be sure to keep a reserve of patience for the inevitable impediments as you still keep one eye fixed upon the prize.

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