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When Words With Friends Help

March 10th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 54 secs

Words with friends help sort things out.

During those times when you feel overwhelmed, words with friends help more than it might seem possible. Good friends, the kind who will tell it to you straight and stick by you, can bring you back down to Earth with all the sense necessary. And that’s good, because the more incapable we feel the less sense we have in ourselves to draw upon.

Sharing intimate thoughts with anyone but your closest friends can indeed be a risk so it pays to disclose wisely. General friends can be great to be with. But you cannot expect them to know you well enough to really understand. Whereas, words with friends who deeply listen to you and consistently care about you (as you do them) already creates a context. That kind of trust makes it easier to open up.

Yet, there are times when confiding with someone else uninvolved in your social circle can also be deeply enriching. Research into patient communication in hospitals reveals the people patients turn to most often when they have problems or simply want to talk personally are not the doctors, nurses, or allied health professionals. It’s usually the cleaners. Just as a word with friends helps to put thing into perspective, sharing with a safe stranger with a listening ear and a bit of wisdom can be immensely freeing.

In a different way, an understanding counselor or health professional can be a proxy companion with the skills to turn conversation into exploration and lifelong healing. Just as words with friends help to center ourselves, words with a suitable psychologist, for example, can help take us on a journey of immense self-discovery.

Still, there are other people who can open our thinking to new ideas and help us find more satisfying ways. Experts in various fields, family members, work associates, and people we happen to know or meet can all contribute to help us get through life right where we’re at. While words with friends help us to confide in a safe context, it’s the whole smorgasbord of relationships we experience that lets us find what we need (even if, at times, it’s to find out exactly what we don’t need).

If you are in a close and committed loving relationship then your partner will be your ultimate friend; your nearest and dearest companion in thick and thin. If words with friends help at a general level, then your lover will be even closer to know.

So, whether you find yourself feeling despair, unimportant, or otherwise discouraged, talk to the most caring people you can find. Because, whether the problems you are going through can be fixed or not, words with friends help.

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