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What’s Happening To Our Kids?

December 29th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 22 secs

Kids need us.

Our kids are under siege. Not in some kind of military conflict (although in some places in the world that’s happening too), but via treacherous ways.

By degrees, adults with murky intentions are exploiting our children for their own sad agendas. Callous individuals who see our kids as easy pickings are ruthlessly exploiting children, and it’s sickening.

First, the obviously awful. Type in most searched words relating to children and what comes up? “Nudist kids”,  “naked kids”, and more of the same. How disturbing that there are so many who seek to hurt our precious little folk with predatory objectives. Given how awful this is, thank goodness we’re collectively waking up to these threats. It’s about time.

But there are other, more subtle attacks on the innocence of our kids. The advertising media’s ruthless sexualization of little children – particularly girls – continues. Despite widespread condemnation, this agenda keeps being pushed. Your vigilance helps, but the tide of popular culture is highly persuasive and children can’t see it for what it is.

Then there’s also targeted marketing to kids to sell them things and use them to pester their parents. Hundreds of millions of dollars go into pitching products to children, and why? Because they are trusting and vulnerable, so they’re easy to groom. Profiteering justifies it as a matter of free enterprise. Regrettably, that voice shouts a lot louder than the voices of mothers and fathers without financial power.

Kids as young as toddlers (and even babies) are being analyzed in control groups, by behavioral psychologists who, for a price, are selling their skills to reveal our children’s specific susceptibilities. These unscrupulous people (who in my eyes bring disrepute to the ethical standards of professional psychology) put big business interests ahead of innocent children. Equipped with this knowledge about children’s vulnerabilities, big business interests maximize kids’ reactions to advertising, even to the point of shaping their parents’ choice of car, furnishings, travel, and even their home. There’s big money to be made from using children, and they do it under our very nose.

Think back, if you can, to the early 60s, 70’s, and before. Kids in general had less stuff, demanded less, and yet enjoyed a better childhood.  But, thanks to lobbying in the 80’s in the US, advertisers were given open slather freedoms to pinpoint kids. That “opportunity” turned into an onslaught. So that now, kids are taught to be brand aware before they are five. Groomed by big business interests to see their identity through the things they buy and own, childhood has been seriously eroded.

If I seem unhappy, I can tell you, I am. These abusers have no love for our children, and they are hurting the freedoms and dignity of our society in so many ways, it’s an ugliness that definitely needs exposing.

That innocent children are the targets of killers in murder suicides is despicable and evil and it’s obvious that something must be done.  But the devious abuse of our kids is also a symptom of the predatory mentality some people have for our little ones.

I’d like to see a growing awareness of the importance of childhood, to protect our kids from what is being perpetrated against them. Through manipulation and exploitation, the trust of our children is being abused and we shouldn’t let that happen, should we?

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  1. Zephyr says:

    That is so timely and apt, when every day brings more news about children being targeted in all the ways you have quoted. We in India can add many more to the list. We think that having brought them into the world, we can do anything and everything with them. It makes one feel sick.