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What You Can Do About Cruelty?

July 24th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 55 secs

Nobody needs to be vindictive or cruel.

Nobody needs to be vindictive or cruel.

As the world has witnessed, humans have the capacity for unspeakable cruelty and stupidity. When – as it now appears – separatists in the Ukraine shot down a Malaysian Airlines plane flying high above the region in a designated air corridor, we were shocked yet again by this side of human behavior. And yet, when it comes to cruelty, it has always been so.

History is overflowing with violence and brutality. Yet, we forget all too easily, believing today’s brutality is the worst it has ever been.

We should be thankful then that warring is on the wane, according to sociologists. As surprising as that seems, given the views of the news, it actually makes sense. People and their leaders prefer prosperity and modern day connectedness reminds us that getting on makes perfect commercial sense. So why bother blowing each other up and going broke in the process?

Domestic violence and abuse used to be a hidden taboo. Now, more and more, they are spoken about. Society no longer wants to put up with it.

Gradually, the mindset of accepting cruelty is getting questioned. It’s about time because nobody needs it.

While we can certainly consider cruelty from a moral point of view, it also makes pragmatic sense to work cooperatively together. After all, any couple, family, community, or country gets their strength through teamwork.

We cannot deny the existence of malice and crime. But it’s sobering to ask: do we have to stoop to it too?

For every thinking person on Earth, it’s time we applied our thoughts and actions with kindness. Apart from immediately boosting our own quality of life in the process, we can also elevate our society’s standards.

By disavowing cruelty wherever it appears and applying principles of fair play and justice personally and professionally, we can be influential.

Because you are just one person and the scope of cruelty is so big, you don’t have to feel helpless. Instead, You can join with others to empower your actions. If you ever feel impotent against the travesties you encounter (be it bullying, abuse, animal cruelty, or false imprisonment) combining your power with others to confront these acts has impact. After all, big problems need big responses and, together, we definitely do have power.

For anyone thinking kindness is somehow weak it is worth remembering that it takes immense courage to face cruelty and deal with perpetrators justly. By contrast, surely the weak way is to lash out in the same vindictive way.

Which means you and I have an importantly part to play. To absolutely, positively refuse to act cruelly or turn a blind eye. To be true to our beliefs and, in our own quiet way, make a difference.

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