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What People Library?

October 17th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 58 secs

People are highly collectable.

You know, people are a bit like books. Some are slightly worn but still well loved. While, others look impressive. But you don’t bother reading them.Yes, people are like books. Big ones, little ones, thick and thin. All so different. Yet, all have something to say, and many are wonderful to discover.

Being natural gatherers, we each have a tendency to create collections of things. Around the world, rich or poor, people enjoy collecting all sorts of curious and marvelous items. Yet whether we hoard up objects or not, there is one kind of collection sure to provide endless fascination and challenge: people.

Amassing relationships with all sorts of people is an extraordinary pastime. You might start small, with a few easily found and fairly similar. But then, connoisseur collectors are likely to branch out into various areas, meeting people from all sorts of obscure and outrageous places.

Investing time with people produces a marvelous collection of experience, ideas, and understanding. Better than any other collectable I know, people offer complexity. With their full expression of weaknesses and beautiful strengths, even gathering them can sometimes be challenging.

Yet imagine this: if every person you’ve met is like a book, then together each encounter with them is building into a rather remarkable library. Though you may have your favorites, they are all there, whether you remember them or not.

Maybe, to jog your memory, you could write their titles down, and perhaps a bit about them? Your private archive that you’ve been gathering for years is a already a priceless treasure (complete with heroes and villains, blow-ins, and a hoard of bit part players). Having shared a snippet of their own story with you, each is now part of your collector’s “shelf”.

Though you and I see only some of another person’s story, that chapter, page, or special holiday version is more than enough to keep close to your heart or, be stowed away, out of sight and mind.

As I write, I keep wondering what your particular people library is like. Is it filled with friends and family for the most part? Are their whole shelves empty, where you care to add a whole lot more? Or, does your library of people feel like a jumbled mess that you don’t have time to tidy?

Whatever the state of your private people library, it’s useful to see each human “book” as a valuable resource, broadening your life. Though you may have picked up more than your fair share of penny dreadfuls, no doubt you’ve also learned not to judge every book by its cover.

Having discovered so much through the privacy of your own people library, one thing is clear: the more we comprehend about each one, the better we get at understanding life.

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