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~ Mother Teresa ~

What Makes Celebrities Ugly?

November 13th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

Plastic personality is plain ugly

Everything is a long way from Tasmania.

So you kind of get a mashed up media message of what big name celebrities are like.

Known for their personality, star qualities, renown, reputation and distinction, glittering celebrities get the limelight. Light so bright, it makes it  all the way down here, to the bottom of the world.

Whether they’re actors, music stars, sports champions, or headline  grabbing leaders, celebrities get attention.

When Prince William & Kate Middleton married in London earlier this year the spectacle drew a worldwide audience of 2-3 billion. That’s around 1 in 3 people on the planet! Mrs Feegs and I cranked up the television too (and I have to say it was romantic).

By attracting an enormous level of attention, celebrities have a major responsibility to show they’re up to the task.

But, sadly, like so many of us, quite a few are failing.

Not because of questionable talent, but because they’re showing some pretty shabby behavior.

Slanging venomous words at other celebrities gets press attention, but the personal price is high.

Some seem to be sporting a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse, like it’s cool and it makes everyone feel happy. Except that these are habits of personal failure. It’s a tragic sight.

When a celebrity celebrates their train-wreck lifestyle they’re sending a damaging message. That’s ugly on a public scale.

Naturally whatever converts to sales is good as far as PR is concerned. So having a bad reputation is ruthlessly exploited.

You know, the saying: any publicity is good publicity.  So celebrity and fans all become part of the act.

But from a distance, it doesn’t wash.

Abusing someone for doing their job is obnoxious. Tantrums are immature. And putting people down to show off is a pathetic misuse of power.

Fact is, we can all act with ugliness, can’t we? Superstars have the same flaws.  But to celebrate failure?

Violence, drug abuse, and selfish egotism are all signs something is wrong. Celebrities demonstrating these behaviors are just more people with problems.

But when it comes to personal troubles, I suspect celebrity isn’t helping. Rather, it just gets in the way of trying to work out how to grow and mature. How to have a healthy loving relationship. How to be genuine and balanced when there are so many all too eager fans to fawn over you.

Fame has a price, doesn’t it? Automatically, freedom of privacy is forfeited.

So to keep a sense of self that doesn’t get lost in the fallout, I see you need to have a strong sense of who you are. To dare to live a life of sincerity, despite every temptation to live a plastic life of image, takes integrity. That’s a huge challenge. One that every one of us, famous, or privacy rich, needs to also face too.

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