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What Makes a Man a Good Lover?

May 5th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 42 secs

Everybody needs a good lover.

You may be surprised (then again, perhaps not) at what really makes an irresistibly good lover. But, for a good lover to be completely worth keeping he has to have certain traits that make him stand out from the crowd. His actions should be positively tantric and his moves should reveal he has what you need.

18 Ways of a Truly Good Lover

  • He is willing to wash and peel potatoes, chop vegetables, cook something edible, and do whatever needs doing to prepare and complete a meal.
  • He gladly takes the garbage out
  • Demonstrating he’s not afraid of a little work, he likes to get things done
  • He is happy to help and asks what else he can do for you
  • He praises you for all the effort you put into your work at home and in paid labor
  • With enduring respect, he loves you just the way you are
  • Acknowledging your qualities, he adores your individuality
  • Even when he, too, is unreasonably busy, he makes you his first priority
  • He is a romantic at heart and shows his care for you is never far from the surface
  • He seeks to be closer and more intimate with you because he finds you so delightful
  • He shows you kindness when others won’t, patience when nobody cares to, and believes in you; even when no one else does
  • He understands when you make mistakes and offers understanding because he knows what you’re going through
  • He wants to protect you and keep you safe from harm
  • Because he knows how important honesty is to relationship, he tells you how he feels
  • Delighting in your wonderfully imperfect body, he takes complete pleasure in you being a real woman
  • Through demonstrating intelligence and flexibility in his thinking, he remains open to new ideas and actively listens to everything you say.
  • Possessing a great sense of humor, he also demonstrates the good sense not to take himself too seriously
  • By proving day by day that you can depend on him, come what may. A good lover is, and always will be, your soul mate.

When a man does these things, he is showing what a good lover he is. From rubbish bin to boudoir, kitchen to clothesline, real men are capable, kind, and confident. If your man has any of these traits, be glad, and thank him for being your own good lover.

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