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What Kind Of Person Are You?

January 28th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 33 secs

Person to person, we share certain personailty traits.

Every person is different it’s true. But the big question to consider is: what type of person are you?

I mean, people seem to fit into certain groups, with personalities that often match patterns. The strong-willed leader, the laid-back follower, the sensitive thinker, and the larger than life attention-getter are all in there. More often than not, we reveal a combination of these features. That means figuring out your particular mix will help you understand your own strengths and limitations.

A leader by nature, for instance, is usually the take no prisoner type person who keeps demanding you go to boot camp, gym, and stay late for meetings, etc. because willpower is their thing. Why? Because that’s the way they think.

I, on the other hand, am the kind of laid-back guy who takes things in my stride. As it happens, it’s nigh on midnight and I’m sitting inside my car that has broken down by the highway. In the next hour a tow truck should come to take the car to a mechanics and then, I’m going to find my way home. Being slow to get motivated, I’m also less fazed by the unexpected.

The animated out there type of person who creates drama from spilt drink would probably be flagging passing cars by now, flashing their legs, and waving arms to get attention. For them, the calamity would be excellent fodder yet another great story. But after a few tellings, it wouldn’t be a midnight car breakdown anymore. Instead, it would be a mass pile up in the middle of the night, complete with helicopters, police, and a fleet of light flashing, siren blaring emergency vehicles.

And what about the generally sensitive type? For them, everything needs to be perfect. Or, at least, they feel they ought to be. So, how would that kind of person be taking a car breakdown the night before their friend’s funeral?  I think they’d be wondering, “Why do these things have to happen to me?” They’d be struck by the “unfairness” of it all, and they’d be mightily upset, blaming either themselves or someone else in the process.

When stuff happens that challenges us or causes inconvenience, knowing who we are is a very helpful thing. To read your own behaviors lets you get perspective. Not that a person with natural leadership characteristics would need that in this instance. They would have bought a better car in the first place. Or, failing that, have arranged for someone else to collect them and paid another person to sit in the car to wait on their behalf. Pretty smart, huh?

Yet, knowing the person I am, I’ve decided to make the most of my style by pulling out my laptop and writing this post to you. I reminded myself that it’s not my fault, that I’m thankful that I can get help at this late hour and that I’ve got a home to go to. All in all, this nuisance situation is reminding me how lucky I am.

And, lo and behold! The person driving the tow truck turns out to be someone I helped through vocational rehabilitation 17 years ago. That’s a beautiful coincidence and, for me, a humbling connection to come back to.

When situations present and problems appear, one of the best things you can do is to take stock of yourself. Think about the type of person you are and factor that into the mix. Chances are, the more you know how you tick, the easier it will be to handle a good many situations gracefully.

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