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What Fake Dr Note?

August 23rd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 41 secs

That fake Dr note is fraud.

Come on, we know about that fake Dr note! Yes, yes, the one you wrote when you couldn’t get in to see your doctor in time… What’s that? You’ve never made a fake Dr note? No I didn’t think so. It’s a pretty ridiculous thing to do. Come to think of, who on Earth would?

As it happens, quite a few. To make a fake Dr note look the part, people take it upon themselves to become part time forgers. Getting the right paper, copying the letterhead, and practicing an indecipherable scribble, some people resort to all sorts of scandalous and shabby means. Just to skive off for a day or two.

While some look authentic, here are a few fake Dr note examples demonstrating how lame these counterfeits can be (the names have been changed to protect the, err, complicit):

  • “Mr Zleepin is totally unfit due to tummy upset, headaches, backache, eye aches, and cannot sleep properly. He should be fine in two days.” 
  • “Unfortunately, Layzee Susan will be unable to work for the next 2 weeks as she has been experiencing depression off and on since she saw me over a year ago.”
  • “Ms Kyddin is totally incapacitated for work because she is struggling with women’s issues.”
  •  “This man cannot go to work for a week because he is too darn sick.”
  • “With a terrible aching back, Mrs Grone will need bed rest for at least a week, and maybe even more, depending on how she feels.
  • “Mr Dhayzoff is way too sick to be at work, on account of his dire rear.”

The stupidest thing about making up a fake Dr note is that it’s often much easier to request time off or simply see your doctor legitimately. Years ago, as employers, we used to accept staff ringing in to say they needed a “mental health day”. Which meant we never asked for a doctor’s note at all. Though we joked about it, the fact was we hardly ever had absenteeism. But if your employer isn’t so forgiving, forging medical certificates is asking for trouble; even dismissal. Best play it safe, do the right thing, and at least see a doctor for a proper certificate. Apart from being illegal, it’s risky, and reflects poorly on anyone’s character to be so deceitful. After all, would we want to employ somebody like that?






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