Memory is the mother of all wisdom.

~ Aeschylus ~

What Drives You?

June 3rd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

What drives us can sometimes seem invisible.

Ask yourself: what drives you? Are you propelled forward with anxieties? Riven with fears? Or driven by desire and purposed with a sense of direction?

Some people will find this entire concept strange. “What do you mean, ‘what drives you?’ I do what I have to do and that’s it.” But others will grab this idea immediately.

What drives you is fundamental to knowing why we do the things we do, including why we think our thinks. You might not mention them to anyone but, secretly, you may be experiencing a lot of worry and feeling deep unease. No matter what you tell yourself, it seems no amount of telling yourself to snap out of it will shift it.

Why is it that we can experience serious apprehensions and yet we have a friend who never seems to worry about anything? Are they crazy? Or are we too fearful for our own good? Your answer to that says it all. Given, you decide what makes sense in your life. What drives you is there because of what you expect and believe beneath it.

Here’s an incredible example to highlight the power of belief to drive behavior. If I believed frogs were secretly trying to steal my lunch, I would start building a whole series of behaviors around that view. I might be fearful that, with froggy teamwork, they could work out how to turn the door handle on the outside door, hop in, and then raid the kitchen. Those greedy frogs would then polish off everything on the bench before helping themselves to the fridge. That’s why I worry, and why I’ve fitted deadlocks to the doors and a padlock to the fridge. And guess what? Since then, not a single frog has stolen anything!

What drives you at a belief level is obviously much more rational, isn’t it? Fearing you won’t see your partner again because his plane might crash. Or, dreading to pick up the phone because it’s going to ruin your day are anxieties based on beliefs. There is a possibility they will be proven. But they aren’t the firmest of foundations. To ask yourself what drives you is therefore an immensely penetrating question.

So try being mindful of what’s behind your drivers. Look further than the surface of your anxieties and desires to explore the source of your motives. By looking under the hood of what drives you, it’s possible to discover that some ideas deserve to be adjusted; or, maybe, completely challenged. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to question the legitimacy of your beliefs. Oh, and do remember to keep the frogs off your lunch…




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