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What Determination Can Do

May 23rd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs

Take your determination and use it.

Take your determination and use it.

If you own an old vehicle then by default you need determination. Take my car. It was my son’s until he tired of it. Then we swapped and now I drive a 1997 Saab 9000, which idles like a truck and has a few very “special” peculiarities.

Like the remote fob switch, which has a mind of its own. Be nice to it and sometimes it works. Wear even the slightest frown though and all the determination in the world won’t make it go.

That’s why I decided to bite the bullet, face the music, face up to reality, stop kidding myself and… well, I’ve forgotten what I was saying. Oh yeah! Having been stuck in all sorts of compromising positions with a car that won’t open, start, and randomly activates the most annoying alarm, my determination to get the ruddy remote replaced is set.

Which is just as well, seeing as I needed to talk to seven different firms today to sort something out. First, there was the local locksmith who said he could, then decided that he couldn’t fix or replace the thing. Then, the city locksmiths who said such a thing was impossible unless I went to a car audio specialist who happens to sideline in car key remotes. Then came the audio specialist, Brad, who said it was beyond his powers, but he knew a man who…  well, you get the picture.

It was an excellent object lesson in the power of determination as my youngest tagged along, seeing how much persistence and patience is required to solve a small but significant real world problem.

So it’s funny (in an alarming way) that so many folk have such a short fuse for obstacles. For instance, when a computer doesn’t do what they want it too they start yelling aggressively, bashing the keyboard, and having a meltdown (as if their determination converts into dysfunctional frustration).

However, life requires us to be persistent. Trying to solve problems with ultimatums and aggression is crude and selfish. While genuine appreciation, and quiet determination work incredibly well for just about anything.

So what happened to the Saab key remote I don’t hear you ask? Well, the other man told me to go to an automotive air-conditioning specialist (go figure) who told me to go to another locksmith in Main Road who shook his head and said nobody could replace it except a company who happen to be the only people in Tasmania who might be able to find such a remote (as Saab went bust last year).

Quite often life is like that, isn’t it? You have to put your determination to good use in a friendly way, be appreciative, and keep on keeping on until you get what you need. Is it hard to do? Not really. More inconvenient. At others, it’s about following a process with resolve and a good dollop of courtesy.

So never let small obstacles block you. Keep going! Because, the energy to overcome is a practiced art, enhanced only through your personal determination to achieve.

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