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Weird Stuff That’s Been Happening

August 21st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 3 mins, 2 secs

The lengths some people will go with hair extensions…

Weird Stuff That Bears Do

Unlike the Norwegian mother bear who burst into a vacation shack in Norway with her three cubs, then downed a hundred cans of beer before trashing the furniture, some bears are more delicate. Like the black bear in Este Park, Colorado, who despite being greedy, demonstrated a better set of bear manners.

Helping itself to English toffee, choc-chip cookie bears, and other sweets, this particular bear was careful not to break a thing. Paying seven visits to the candy store to grab more treasure, this very tidy bear burglar made sure it didn’t even leave a bare wrapper. Coming in through a poorly locked door, the sweet-toothed beast scored full marks fir tidiness (aside from a few paw prints). But as the surveillance camera reveals, it certainly had a beast of a sugar hit.


Hot Underwear And The Weird Stuff People Do With It

Meanwhile, fire-fighters in Weymouth, in the UK, managed to save the home of a resident with a surprising technique for clothes drying. By trying to dry his wet socks and undies in his microwave he not only to reduced their dampness, but also set his flat on fire. Causing smoke damage to the apartment, the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service quenched the kitchen blaze. Then, in a statement they sagely said, “… never put clothing of any kind in the microwave or an oven to attempt to dry them.” Are you listening bachelors of the world?


Austria By The Sea? 

Now this really is weird stuff to contemplate! Soon, a referendum on the tiny Greek island of Icaria could see Austria cease to be a landlocked country. Given Greece’s debt burden, the inhabitants of Icaria, are looking at the potential of seceding from Greece and becoming part of Austria instead. When the hundred-year-old treaty with Athens expires toward the end of this year, Icaria (which is actually located closer to the Turkish coast) could vote to return to Austrian rule, which it left when it was still under the Ottoman Empire, back in 1912. With a high percentage of the population in favour, get set to see Austria like you’ve never done it before…on the Mediterranean by the beach.


She Got The Power

Perhaps this isn’t so much weird stuff as a warning. Connecticut Light & Power refunded almost $10,500 to Mrs Grace Edwards of Cheshire, Connecticut, following intervention by the Office of Consumer Counsel to stop her being ripped off. It seems CL&P initially refused to cough up the bucks, insisting that the developer who previously owned the home had consented to paying the electricity bill for the two public streetlights in front of the home.

According to Mrs Edwards, CL&P had been billing her around $20 a month over 25 years to run them. Yet, despite writing letters, calling, and doing everything possible, the company didn’t want to know. Since then, however, CL&P have apologised to Mrs Edwards and, for her trouble, overcompensated her with almost double the charges she was billed.

Weird Stuff Weather Forecasters Find Hard 

Whatever the weather it better be correct. Sick of meteorologists getting weather estimates so wrong, local councillors in the Netherlands are demanding forecasters be fined for the errors of their ways. Tourism executive, Joep Thonissen, said “incorrect” predictions were causing “considerable damage” by scaring people away from tourist attractions and putting a dent into the local economy. If the weather is much better than expected, councillors in Hoek van Holland want meteorologists punished for putting out “false information”. And while it might seem like a wet joke, the millions of Euros being lost by unduly gloomy predictions certainly aren’t.


Weird Stuff You Can Do With Hair Extensions 

Bashing through a wall, and crawling low on the floor to avoid motion sensors, three thieves stole six satchels full of human hair extensions from a Chicago beauty supply store, escaping without a hair’s trace. Valued at a staggering $230,000, the human hair thieves stole only the best.

Don Shin, the storeowner, thinks the culprits will try to sell the extensions out on the street or else directly to salons themselves.  Used by hairstylists to add length and bulk to hairdos, extensions are made from either artificial hair or else the real thing. But, this time, they weren’t after the cheap stuff because they certainly knew the true value of good hair extensions.




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