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Weird Really

December 1st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

How weird would it be to crash into your identical twin?

Weird 1: A British school has told a 13-year-old student that he needs to shave if he is to continue to attend lessons. Having first started shaving at the tender age of nine, the boy stopped after deciding to grow a moustache to raise money for cancer. But, the school has vetoed the move, arguing his extraordinary follicular growth would make his less than hairy student friends uncomfortable.

Weird 2: Nicknamed the “CleaningFfairy”, fifty-three-year-old Susan Warren, of Cleveland, Ohio entered a nearby house, washed coffee cups, took out the trash, vacuumed up, and dusted around the house because she desperately just ‘‘wanted something to do’’. Despite her efforts and good intentions, Ms Warren was actually charged with attempted burglary and given one year’s probation [she would have been given a medal had she come to our house].

Weird 2: When eighteen-year-old Jake Stevens had a head-on smash in the British town of Gosport recently, he was cranked and ready to argue the matter with the driver of the other car. But what he hadn’t anticipated was that the other driver was his similarly furious identical twin. Despite the idea that identical twins are inseparable friends, these two remain deadlocked, blaming each other for the accident and denying liability.

Weird 3: Still on the theme of teens, when Jamie Froom (an eighteen-year-old unemployed youth from Bristol, UK) was charged with burglary, the judge decided to be lenient. Froom was spared a custodial sentence on the condition that he promised to do the washing up, regularly make his own bed, and be polite to his parents. Later, a mystified Froom confessed, ‘‘To be honest, I think the judge should have sent me to prison.’’

Weird 4: You might not expect to see a 5 feet high bird (1.3m) walking down the street. But that’s exactly what happened in Barnstaple, England when an Australian emu escaped and got caught up in peak hour traffic. As the largest bird after the ostrich, emus can look imposing but are really quite harmless. Still, being fast runners, they are notoriously hard creatures to catch.

Despite the hapless emu being frightened, the ever-flexible Devon police managed to enticed the bird into the back of a police van and returned the creature to its owner, safe and sound.

Weird 5: It’s always better to check. At least, that’s what Swedish firefighters are probably thinking when worried nursing home staff reported seeing flames, visible through one of the nursing home’s windows.

When firefighters rushed to the scene and broke in to put out the fire, they discovered the leaping flames were nothing more than scenes on a TV playing a DVD of an indoor fireplace.

Weird things happen everywhere, at least now and then. So if you have a weird story or two to share, drop me a line and let me know.


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