Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

~ Robert Frost ~

We Break!

December 23rd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs

What do you mean, “break”?

Delicate Christmas baubles aren‘t the only things that break. Nor, are over-shaken Christmas gifts. We break too.

How easy is it to live like this life is forever? The lights are on, action is happening, and you’ve got things to do, people to see, and dreams to fulfill. The only break most of us tend to contemplate is the next one over the holidays.

But, taboo or not, our mortality is a fact of life. We can break through all sorts of circumstances, because beneath it all, we are fragile beings.

At this point, you might take one look at your hulking husband or son and say, “Nobody is looking too fragile round here!” But even the strongest can break behind the wheel in a crash. and none of us are immune to calamity.

Things that we’d never wish to know, happen. People get killed, chronically ill, or else lose their faculties. With so much to live for none of us want to even consider such scenarios. As if we can only cope if those who break are not the ones we care for and know.

But, of course, that doesn’t make sense because we all have a use by date stamped on us somewhere. There is a beginning and an end to mortal life, and that’s the story for all of us. We will each break at some stage and a well-adjusted life dares to recognize that reality.

So how should we react? Run around in a flap, panicking at the prospect? Hide under the bed, hyperventilating, pretending it’ll never happen? Or, should we hasten our breaking by living recklessly to the end?

To me, and I know this is a personal thing, a life that accepts we’ll all naturally break at some stage is in touch with the terms of what living means. This precious experience of being that you and I are sharing right now, is simultaneously being frittered away mindlessly by millions, heedless to its worth.

Consciously, I exchange some of my being for writing and talking about happiness because satisfaction enhances everything.  Accepting our fragility reminds us, that as marvelous as life can be, this is no game. To appreciate the truth that we are here and we pass enhances our awareness that life is more precious than diamonds. If anything, we are like flowers, blooming to produce beauty that lingers, or exhausting our life force in forever preparing to bloom. When we break from this life the opportunity is over. But unless we speak of this truth, we can dismiss our being as an excuse for endless distraction and ongoing entertainment.

Like every good story, knowing we break gives life gentle tension. Each of our life situations are linked with a thread that, ultimately, ends. In that context, we have much good to do while we are here. To live well, love kindly, and discover what it really means to be alive.

So that, when the thread finally does break and we are no longer here, the meaning of our being imparts something beautiful and worthy for others to continue.


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