It seems that laughter needs an echo.

~ Henri Bergson ~

Want a Happy Meal?

November 3rd, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 4 secs

Some of the best happy meal ingredients aren’t just on the plate.

Happy meals don’t need to come in a box. Nor do they need to be mass produced. They don’t require business meetings, strategizing how to maximize their success. For most happy meals, advertising is strictly word of mouth.

Truly happy meals are served up by kind hands. Sometimes weary and worn out. But always willing to offer an experience of care.

You and I have been given many happy meals throughout our life. But, nowadays, I expect you do the giving. Meals to celebrate, surprise, or sustain.  Happy birthday dinners, lovingly prepared to make the day special. Joyful get togethers, where friends gather round your table, enjoying your hospitality. Or simply eating with family; hungrily waiting for the experience of togetherness and food you create.

That’s what a happy meal is.

Tonight, throughout the world, parents are dishing out humble fare to their children. It may be all they’ve got. Yet, if it is served with love, it may be a happy meal too.

Sharing what we have together with a gracious spirit is the essential ingredient. Having a happy meal is, therefore, much more than a commercial concept. Sitting together, eating, and talking is what the recipe requires. No TV, phones, or hi-tech distraction. Just people, experiencing each other’s company. Looking back over a day, listening, and connecting. By the simplicity of togetherness, comfort, and care, I believe we discover the happiest meals of all.


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