The heart has reasons which reason cannot understand.

~ Blaise Pascal ~

Unhappiness Guaranteed

September 5th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 49 secs

It's okay to look like you. Really.

It’s okay to look like you. Really.

Thanks to perfection your unhappiness is assured. No matter how outstanding your outlook is, you are bound to feel plenty of disappointment. And that’s guaranteed.

How can I be so sure? Well, we live in an amazing age. Thanks to technology our expectations are ratcheting up. So now the way you look and act have had their bar lifted, such that you’ve got to appear the part or expect rejection (most often,  by yourself). But others will notice things too. So unless you can satisfy an incredibly high standard of constant attractiveness and image, you’ll often feel disheartened.

With the constant use of Photoshop, ever improving photographic equipment and rising standards of imagery, the “look” has become hypothetical. You simply cannot look like that and act like that without becoming some kind of caricature.

But we barely talk about that. Instead, we internalize these visual ideas and judge our value on these unreal principles.

That handbag in the store you saw last week? It was nice, but given the way that woman in the ad looked with it, are you “good enough” to get away with wearing it too?

Here’s a newsflash: you are fine right now, just as you are. Really. Perhaps you have some health problems. Or, you are worrying about one or two of your physical features. Forget it! Your body – which is your worldly “address” – is doing its bit (I mean, you’re still here, aren’t you?).

What bothers me deeply is that media and advertising have created an impossible image to compare ourselves with, and it’s making us miserable, embarrassed, and sick.

This unhappiness factor plays into merchandising so we buy whatever offers hope of making us okay. But the fact is, we are okay already.

Go ahead and amplify the positive and minimize the negative. But remember that it’s our identity and the good that we contribute that matters in the grandest of schemes.

Feel free to enjoy enhancing what you have. It’s good if it makes you feel that way. Yet never for a second think it will make you more important.  Because you were born with all the importance you’ll have (and need).

Unhappiness is inevitable. We cannot escape the deluge of imagery we experience every day. However, I believe if we keep a grounded sense of ourselves and build on that with beautiful action, our disappointments will be reduced and our satisfaction magnified.

Unhappiness stalks. That means now is the time to find your gladness in things that strengthen and give you peace.

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