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~ Henri Bergson ~

Ugly People

March 4th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 45 secs

Ugly people… here?

If the YouTube clips of Wal-Mart’s infamous ugly people are as bad as it gets, we should be thankful. Unsightly and unappealing though they be, they are nowhere near as ugly as we can be.

The worst, most hideously ugly people are those who callously perpetrate cruelty, hatred, and destruction. A simple-minded person, poorly dressed, and drastically out of shape might shock you. But that’s all there is to it because they’re totally harmless.

Not so those who look sharp but carry a big stick. Wife bashers, child abusers, sadists, and tyrants are just some of the really ugly people of this world.

Most often, the morbidly obese people depicted in video clips in a semi-state of undress in Wal-Mart or somewhere else appear to have borderline intellectual capacity. If true, people laughing at somebody with a disability make for an interesting context indeed.

It’s easy to divide society as the goodies and the baddies. Invariably, we are the goodies (and I don’t doubt whoever makes this distinction always is). So, invariably, the ugly people of this world are others. But the fact is, we are all capable of a range of behaviors, from the most beautiful to the most ugly.

If I mock somebody for his or her limited abilities and physical deficiencies, is that me being beautiful? Or, is that me revealing myself as one of the cold ugly people? I have to confess, I have done these things, at least in my thinking, and it humbles me terribly that I can be so shallow-minded at times.

The dividing line between the ugly people and the beautiful people is indeed blurry for we can all switch from acts of kindness to arrogance in an instant. That’s why bullying, racism, and discrimination are so incredibly difficult to deal with.

No sane and balanced person who desires to live a deeply happy life can live with such ugliness within. It’s a contradiction. People who express happiness don’t need to seek out the weaknesses of others and mock them for their jollies. That action reflects something else which, itself, isn’t pretty.

Beauty and happiness are aspects of the same element. So, if we desire to find either, our focus is best served looking for the good we can do. Looking to laugh at the ugly people of life surely doesn’t reflect well on us. While, having an eye on our own fallibility and need for humility always will.

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