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Ugly People Timely Advice

June 27th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 16 secs

Ugly people do ugly things.

Ugly people do ugly things.

Ugly people do ugly things. Which is precisely why they are ugly in the first place.

People these days mistakenly think the greatest ugliness is to mistreat your body, have a disfigurement, or else be very badly groomed and dressed. But disagreeable people are seriously more obnoxious than that.

Really ugly people say and do nasty things as a matter of course, because it’s the way they think. And they are scattered everywhere! Social media, for example, is full of mean-mouthed, shabby types who bully and berate people like it’s some sort of power trip.

Some of these ugly people are aware of what they are doing but it’s as if they can’t help trampling over everyone else to gratify themselves.

Twitter is one case in point. In the land of tweets and twits, you find a huge amount of communication intends petty exploitation of others with fatuous lines like:

  • “Take a look at this awful video about you”
  • “I just shed dozens of lbs. and I still ate cream cakes all day”
  • “I vote for the [DemoRepublicratcans] and unless you do too, you’re a traitor”

Otherwise, comments take to ”hating on” a particular individual in a flagrant display of ebullying.

These people, along with those who insist on hurling inane “buy our product now” demands (roughly akin to shouting in your ear) may well be working hard at it. But they are also spreading a heaped helping of ugly conduct.

Still, there are some ugly people who seem completely oblivious to their arrogance, thinking that they are actually doing good. Proudly, they tweet comments like, “If you aren’t helping me dream bigger, inspiring me to work harder, motivating me to be better, then I don’t need you.”

My reaction to “gems” like these is to ask, “How ugly do you want to be?” Whatever tears others down to build our out of control egos “up” is nothing more than a sad and sorry act of self-destruction.

Instead of coercion, selfishness, and egotistical declarations of vanity, the antidote for ugly people is simply character and dignity. When we tear others down we also mess ourselves up, as it’s only through ennobling people that we are freed from the pettiness of our own spite.

So how do you handle ugly people with spite in their eyes? For starters, be true to the good in you. Refuse to stoop to cruelty or revenge, and aim to act with character and integrity. For these are the closest aspects we have to an antidote.

Ugly people, clearly, have lost their way: perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. Wherever they are, they will spread their mess and you can expect that will keep on happening.

That’s why I believe in focusing on what you can do and keep working at that. Having nothing to do with conniving activity and standing by your own values saves us a lot of angst.  Just as questioning selfish declarations and vain, ego-tickling promotions also deflect the influence of their efforts.

Not that you have to be some sort of puritan in response to ugly people’s deeds. Merely, more aware of the games they play and why, sometimes, it’s better to pick and choose and make your own rules.

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