Laughter would be bereaved if snobbery died.

~ Peter Ustinov ~

Ugly People Alert!

January 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 7 secs

Cruelty is the thing that makes people ugly.

Yes, ugly people are everywhere. They may or may not look particularly unattractive, but their actions are totally repelling.

Like the man we saw shouting threats at a shopkeeper this morning. As we were walking by we could hear a menacing tone and for a few seconds we saw an angry, abusive man screaming at an older man behind a liquor store counter.* It happened in a moment, but I got the feeling this hostile individual had done the same before. Ugly people have a habit of re-offending

Bullying, abusive men typically pick someone less able to defend themselves. Then, they systematically control, threaten, and intimidate their partner (or whomever) to get what they want. Ugly people like these are easily insulted, possessing a hair trigger fury that turns into violence in a matter of moments.

What all these ugly people have in common is an abusive mentality. Hurting others feeds their sadistic streak and gives them the mistaken impression that they are empowered. When in reality they are weak.

That predatory uncle, sadistic teacher, or terrifying type are actually pitiful misfits. Unable to relate properly, they bash, bully, and abuse to verify their importance (as, often as not, they themselves were victims of equivalent treatment). Yet, being adults, they need to own their actions (which of course they typically refuse to do).

The pedophile, wife basher, rapists, killers, psychopathic bosses, and all the rest represent the ugly people of our society who deny accountability, while celebrating their cruelty. Theirs is a world where cooperation, kindness, and acceptance are considered weaknesses and only power and pain can reign.

What is the answer to these ugly people’s actions? In some countries it’s incarceration or death. In others, it’s a kind of blind eye, unless their practices become too obvious. But what do you think is best?

Provided we don’t become too paranoid and legalistic, I believe a path of open awareness to the risks these horrifically ugly people pose can help to expose their behavior. Had they felt they would have been heard, I’m sure Jimmy Saville‘s victims would have stopped him years ago. So, it’s vital that all people, children included, are listened to as a way of preventing these hideous abusers.

Today, in various parts of the world, ugly people are shooting women trying to get an education. They are press-ganging children into armies to shoot and kill in wars. And, they are enslaving people in prostitution and a litany of drug based crime.

So, we need to be vigilant. To talk about what is happening and not to accept ugly people’s actions, as if they’ll “get better”. They won’t. Within our own communities, we need to demand police action, and name and shame these abusers for the good of everyone, including them.

* I’m happy to say the storekeeper was fine, as the threatening man didn’t jump the counter and attack, but eventually took his anger and left instead.


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