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~ William Shakespeare ~

True Love Calculation

June 4th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 20 secs

Maybe it’s time for some true love calculation…

To get a true love calculation, combine two people with strong feelings for one another. Add a good portion of excitement mixed with trepidation. Then set to simmer, being careful not to allow the formula to boil.

Assuming you have the words right (given many a first word in love ends up a mumble or half-muffled squeak – at least in the male’s case), then you need to add the total number of kind words and gestures together. Then, subtract all the tactless comments and foolish overtures that cause the odd momentary nosedive in the love match proceedings. At this point, if you haven’t got a healthy surplus of nice words and deeds, further true love calculation is unnecessary. In that case, you could expect a rise in harsh words instead. Along with: keys thrown to the ground, mad money spent, and “I’ll never seem you again” repeated within earshot at least a dozen times.

However, if love is still fluttering with vigor, divide the number of warm and tender gestures, and terms of delicious endearment by the number of days spent together. If there are more than three acts of loveliness per day things are well on their way. Six or more on average and it’s possible that love is getting hysterical. That’s because it only takes a few kindnesses consistently to melt a receptive heart.

By this stage you will have the answer to your true love calculation. If he loves you then he will wait, forgive, understand, and commit. Failing any of these means he is liable to spit the dummy at some future phase and declare himself the only true lover in the relationship. If so, then you need to choose between recalculating whether true love is in evidence or start an entirely new equation… And to think some people believe science and mathematics have nothing to do with love…




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