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Tried The Coffee Doughnut Diet?

April 8th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 20 secs

What happens when you do the coffee doughnut diet?

Hmm, the coffee doughnut diet. Fabulous. All you do is drink coffee and eat doughnuts. Sound ridiculous? You’re right. It is.

Back in 2009, a Norwegian woman perished as a result of this ludicrous diet. At the time she died she was trying to lose twenty pounds (about 20kg) in a week. Forty-two-year-old Matilda Hareuva killed herself by faithfully following this diabolical diet. Hyped up by the coffee and doughnut diet’s high sugar and caffeine, Matilda soon became malnourished, and exhausted. Pretty soon, her racing pulse, extreme fatigue, and vitamin deficiency caused Matilda to suffer a massive heart attack.  Ironically, Matilda wasn’t even overweight. She just thought she was.

Like Matilda, anybody on the coffee doughnut diet can only consume coffee and doughnuts; nothing else. As compensation, the coffee doughnut dieter can eat as many doughnuts and drink as much coffee as they like.

With so much sugar in doughnuts and caffeine in coffee, the diet is meant to accelerate the metabolism. That way, calories burn faster and weight loss is meant to get a quick kick start. At least, that’s the theory.

But there’s a multi-billion dollar lie behind the diet industry. They don’t work. In the long run, dieting on its own fails to change the situation. Worse, the entire kooky coffee doughnut diet mindset actually causes harm to people’s metabolism (to say nothing of a dieter’s mind and self-image). The diet industry’s bullet isn’t magic, it’s lead.

Naturally, we all want to fix obesity and being overweight in a body conscious society puts a lot of pressure on us. Unfortunately, the whole coffee doughnut diet approach is deeply flawed and dangerous.

But because people badly want easy answers, the bogus and bizarre diets just keep on coming. A 2011 variation on the coffee doughnut diet allegedly came from – of all places – the University of Miami. The pitch was that nutritionists had created the diet for people who wanted to lose weight but keep eating all the fried, fatty foods they liked.

Predictably, this was just a hoax. But coffee doughnut diets still abound, in all sorts of forms. The juice diet… the only eat grapefruit/cheesecake/potato/burger/or cabbage diets, and hundreds more, all fail. Why? Well unless food is nutritionally balanced and makes you feel human, sociable, and satisfied, it’s bound to drive you to despair. Keep hopping from one diet to the next, and it gets even worse. You increase the likelihood of putting on even more weight.

So what can you do? Well, firstly: live. Go on and enjoy doing purposeful things. Sure, nobody wants to be overweight. But less focus on eating and weight watching, and more attention on living at least puts it all in perspective. Forget the coffee doughnut diet mania and eat fresh food wherever preferable. After all, fresh unprocessed food is good for you, especially when you enjoy it with good company.

In the end, those quacks behind the world’s coffee doughnut diet cons will go on. There’ll be more hare-brained food regimes that a desperate public will go out of their way to follow as the latest fad fix. But you don’t need to ever feel you’re missing anything. Just go ahead and be your real. Forget the crazy coffee doughnut diet deceptions and make a difference just by being you.


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