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Travel My Way

January 17th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 29 secs

Now, where am I today?

When you travel, you might decide it’s better to charge around everywhere. The trouble is, rushing hither and yon doesn’t let you connect.

When you stay somewhere for a while then you can get a sense of being there rather than being everywhere and nowhere. In that way, travel is like life. You need to make meaning out of what you do. Staying in one place instead of treating your vacation like The Great Race lets you to experience yourself within the unfamiliar and soak in the feelings that come with working out where you are.

Now I know some will say, “Christian, your idea of travel sux. I don’t have much time so I’ve got to get around to see as much as I can”. But, the faster you go on the merry go round the less you see. Instead, the journey turns into a whirl, which perhaps reflects where they’re at.

Then there’s the small matter of what to see. Tourist sites are okay. But what Ruth and I like is doing some homework first. Reading as much as we can about where we are heading, we make a list of what appeals before we travel a single step.

After that, we throw the guidebooks away and make it up as we go. Watching people is good everywhere, as is getting to meet the locals. So, we personally like walking away from the sausage-making machine of tourism to experience life in the eyes of people who live there. Travel like this costs as little or as much as you like and it always brings back memories.

Travel slow enough to feel like you live there. Then, you will feel like you’ve been away and had the chance to take a refreshing break.

Of course, there are many ways to have a holiday and I don’t propose to tell you my way is the only way to travel (far from it). Yet, if you are longing to have a great vacation, the odd adventure or two, and a well-earned break, I recommend it to you to at consider.

While a thorough schedule of trains and planes to catch looks great on paper, it can be grueling in the extreme when you’re tired, hassled, or even sick. Though eager travel beavers can keep moving and still relax if they intermittently stay in places for a few days on the way.

Travel my way dismisses the bucket list. Forget the 5000 places to see before you die mindset. It’s silly. If life were merely a ticking off list then all of the important things would be left off (e.g. How many would have,“Learning how to be open and intimate with my partner so that I could be both vulnerable and honest”? Err, tick!).

Absolutely nobody needs to stand on top of every church spire to be somewhere. That kind of dog peeing on every tree mentality misses the best part of travelling. We need to feel what it’s like to be where we are by connecting with all of our senses (taste and smell definitely included), and drink it in.

So if you have a desire to travel anywhere, dare to adapt somewhat to the way the locals live. Learn from them and accept that their ways could be just as good. Not only will you discover all that you came for, you’ll also grow that little bit more in the process which, I believe, is what good travel is all about.

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