A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

~ Thomas Carlyle ~

Totally Bored Married Women In Need of Relief

September 13th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 5 secs

Just how bored and desperate can married women be?

How many bored married women in a rut do you know? One or two? A few? Or none? If you know someone who feels like that, you’ll know there is a range of reasons for their feelings. But whether a dull husband, endless work routines, or their own lack of education traps them, they need encouragement and the support of a friend who can help them work their way out.

In some parts of the world girls, some mere children, are still married off according to custom. This is the way it has always been, so traditions keep the momentum going. Aside from all the other issues associated with such marriages, I imagine most become bored married women in the pits of despair. Trapped by circumstance, these young brides remain in a slave like state; never free to do as they please and with little to look forward to.

But on a worldwide scale? Well, there are all sorts of causes for why wives are bored. No doubt, in desperation, bored married women sometimes seek other relationships, hoping to find the love and excitement lacking in their life. But even that is a self-limiting act, as “success” means the complete annihilation of their existing relationship. So, even these attempts at freedom are booby-trapped.

Though we’re focusing on wives, the issue is also about husbands lacking the vision or means to provide their partner with the interest and attention they need. Anecdotally, this is a common occurrence in conventional relationships where men are expected to provide for their wife and she is meant to create a home. Somewhere in the midst of this, the idea partners bring inspiration and enthusiasm into marriage rarely gets a look in. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, if couples want to find interest in their relationship, they need to deliberately bring it in.

Of course, in traditional homes, the image of bored married women in search of stimulus is really a cliché. Confined to domestic duties, it was expected that every new wife would be happy doing just that. Yet, while there are progressively fewer wives in this situation, the problem of feeling stuck, trapped, and bored witless remains. For as long as women in relationship:

  • Feel unable to define their own boundaries
  • Find their husbands incapable of intelligent and loving communication, and
  • Are underwhelmed by the long term condition they find themselves in

…the issue will continue.

Perhaps, bored married women in a wearied state just need to snap out of it, take the reins, and expect better. Trouble is, you can’t do that unless you feel empowered with the might of imagination, stimulation, and decision. So, if you know anybody caught in the pits of despair because they’re in a stifling relationship, keep on giving them the gift of your friendship. Chances are, your input has influence. Because, when you encourage someone to bring out their best, you’re giving them everything they need to glimpse a brighter, more exciting future.



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