Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot.

~ Groucho Marx ~

Time To Do It

November 22nd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

How much time does it take to live well?

Time is ticking by. You and I are taking our turn with our lifetime. But, I suspect most of us can admit, it’s not what we expected. Or worse, not what we hoped for.

If you ever saw the film “Sliding Doors” you will recall the concept. Life has infinite possibilities and it only takes a little decision to turn it another way. Then, time and circumstance will take us downstream to a totally different place.

I’ve also seen a few French films beautifully exploring this theme. Now, more than ever before, we know the truth of this. We can see the possibilities. But we don’t have more time to enjoy them.

The harsh reality of opportunities is that you don’t have enough time to explore them all. So you need to decide what is worth doing and what is not.

To me, living a worthwhile life in the time we have doesn’t depend on whether we get to do it all, fulfill our bucket list, or remain impressively busy. A good life is deeper and richer than that.

Nor does it need us to be famous, the best, or even adored by all who know us. In the time we take to experience living, we need to work out what matters, then live it with commitment.

It’s no good trying to impress people if we feel unimpressed with ourselves. No point settling for less than what we secretly believe in. The time we have is finite. So the more we can make sense of it and live expressing qualities, the greater our measure of fulfillment. As I mentioned yesterday, you need to find your passion. Because what you love unifies these elements. By increasing the worth of your moments the urge to rush around trying everything diminishes. People don’t feel desperately compelled to grab at exotic everythings when they feel at ease with what they’re doing.

It’s incredibly telling that, in His time, Jesus of Nazareth didn’t travel far. Nor did He go searching for any experiences to boast about. That’s a telling statement about life, isn’t it?

A lifetime worth living starts with how we think and what we choose to do. Do we pursue an self-interested journey where our ultimate personal pleasure takes precedence? Or, do we use our time to turn our skills and passions into something to share? Paradoxically, the latter will bring more satisfaction, because creating what’s worthy ennobles us too.

Time measures more than our moments. Time also measures our efforts. So, in writing each chapter of your life, we can make ourselves a blessing or something less (that’s always our personal choice). But, if we’re moving toward our true beliefs, we won’t miss much of anything.

Time lets us have impact. Now we must let ourselves too.


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