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Time Out Now

June 29th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 17 secs

What's wrong with a bit of time off?

What’s wrong with a bit of time off?

You really do need some time out. Seriously. Just working flat out and burning the candle at both ends (always a painful exercise) gradually wears you down.

Sleep researchers say cheating yourself of precious sleep comes at a price. The time you take away from sleep’s restorative process is harms your body and also your ability to think.

In more recent years, they’ve worked out that sleep deprivation leaves you in the equivalent state of someone drunk. Your decision-making clouds and it’s hard to work efficiently. So time taken out from all of your responsibilities isn’t an indulgence, it’s a sensible strategy.

Apparently, those missing hours of sleep need recouping. Which is why, after a few days to a week, you crash in a heap to fall asleep at the table, or chair still sitting up. Your body needs rest more than we think.

Besides, time out keeps life in perspective. It’s not just a matter of getting enough “zeds”. You need mini breaks from routine to stimulate and recharge your mind. Without time out, we keep holding on resolute in our default positions, until something breaks… or we do.

Time out can be as simple as a couple of hours without cares, a nice catnap, or a good laugh with friends. It doesn’t take much to break the fatigue cycle really. You only need to decide and then stick with it.

Yet, that’s the issue, isn’t it? People chide themselves and keep saying, “Oh, I really need a break”. But then they don’t take it; as if that would be letting the side down. Nonsense!

Let me say, emphatically, it is important that you take the breaks you need. The world won’t keel over without you at the wheel. Nor will it be as impossible to do as you think. Just decide and – hey presto – take the time off.

You don’t need to plan an 8 month stint away trekking through Katmandu, or booking weeks in hotel executive suites to make you time away splendid. Far from it. Time off is the thing, not the trimmings.

How easy it is to get hoodwinked into thinking we’ve got to do something impressive with our time to validate it. You don’t. A leisurely bubble bath, early night’s sleep, or something else simple yet deliciously sweet is really all you need to feel more human. Complications and elaborate plans promise a lot. But when it comes to letting yourself off the hook? They do not.

Find time without the burden of responsibilities. Sprinkle it here and there as a personal care strategy, more effective than makeup. When every fiber of your being cries out for time out, you better take to heart what your body is saying.

Keep it simple and steal the odd minute here and there if you must. But do it. Tune out, remove yourself from worry, responsibility, and the communication demands of technology. Turn down, or better still, eliminate the noise. You don’t need it. Just find your pleasure in the tranquility of a breather, and let yourself go.

It’s time for you to take some urgent time out. Chances are, you’ve well and truly earned it.

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