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Those Zodiac Signs Relationships

May 1st, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 19 secs

Zodiac signs relationships: Yeehaa!

Zodiac signs relationships: Yeehaa!

If only zodiac signs relationships were true. But they are not. Like rolling dice in your hands in a particular way, fervently wishing for a six, the odds remain the same.

Does my lack of belief in zodiac signs relationships and all things astrological distress you? I apologize if it does. Beliefs are certainly strong things and people who disbelieve what we hold dear tend to get struck off the Christmas list pretty quick.

That is to say everybody who holds true to star signs will insist that zodiac signs relationships and everything about them must be true and those who dispute this “truth” are simply missing the point.

My father was keen on astrology, at least in a hobby sense. He claimed astrologers in the media were doing it wrongly and you definitely couldn’t believe them. But he held fast to his astrological beliefs in any case.

To him, zodiac signs relationships had a powerful bearing on decisions and matchmaking. Yet, to me, it never made sense. In a practical perspective, the gravitational influence of planets nearest to us is weaker than the flutter of a leaf hundreds of miles away. How can we base decisions on something as inconsequential as that?

Now consider the constellations themselves. Zodiac signs relationships represent stars so far away some take thousands of light years to reach us. By comparison, an ant clearing its throat would surely have more bearing on how much you love someone than a remote star cluster possibly could.

But, that’s the thing about we humans. We search for meaning in everything. Take tealeaves (milk, no sugar for me thanks), or sheep guts (none for me, I’ve just eaten), the whims of an octopus, or picture card combinations. We seek meaning because we hunger for sense. Add a yearning to know the future and, hey presto! We have another way of determining if a Libran will hit it off with a Virgo (incidentally, the answer is no, unless they both like the same shows).  Zodiac signs and relationships actually don’t tell us anything we really need to know. Because what really matters isn’t in a premixed packet… it’s in your heart.

Opposites in life attract, provided we have enough values in common. Then, there’s that aspect of character that lets love endure, along with that dash of fancy that sparks the flames of attraction. Sagittarians take note: you are gorgeous when you act that way (not to everyone, but definitely some). Which is to say, Zodiac signs relationships are a distraction away from the main game of how to woo someone, and love them ahead of prioritizing yourself.

Is that so outrageous? So incredibly mysterious that we need to ponder zodiac signs relationships to work out one another? I don’t think so. The zodiac is not in charge of your life any more than you are in charge of your TV remote control. Besides, isn’t it more helpful actually doing good with your life rather than second-guessing what Uranus gets up to in Venus’s house? Or, why Scorpio doesn’t get Cancer? The best predictor of your future relationships is the effort you make in being the most intelligent, courageous, kind, and creative person you can be. Put them together and they work like magic.

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