A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

~ Maya Angelou ~

Those Funny Mothers Day Gifts

May 13th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

We all come into this world as funny little Mother's Day gifts.

Funny Mothers Day gifts come naturally from most young boys. As it happens, Australian and American mothers are celebrating Mother’s Day right now. So Happy Mothers Day to you all! If you’re lucky, you might just score something funny from a son who means well but can’t help but get a little bit confused.

It’s not just the funny Mothers Day gifts like: squirrel paw earrings, remote controlled tarantulas, toilet seat liners, and bacon bandages. It’s all the other things you get given that are presented with the best of intentions. As they say in the classics, it really is the thought that counts. So don’t be too quick to judge. Just appreciate that no matter how funny and odd they appear, most Mothers Day gifts are given with love.

That means there’ no need to wrinkle your nose at getting:

  • A packet of candy
  • A pair of oversized slippers
  • A steam iron
  • An electric foot spa with absolutely no chutzpah, or
  • A homemade hot pot stand.

Somewhere along the line, each was sourced because someone meant well. Even if it merely resulted in yet another funny Mother’s Day gift to add to the collection.

As a young child I recall my father giving me 20 cents to buy my mother something at the Mother’s Day school stall. Twenty cents now would probably buy you one small sweet perhaps. But even back then, it didn’t buy much either. At least, not at that stand. So it came down to buying Mama a foam-padded pink coat hanger (complete with satin frill) or nothing. I chose the hanger.

To her lasting credit, Mama unwrapped the hanger from the crumpled mess of scrunched paper and sticky tape that I called wrapping, suppressed her surprise, and made all the right noises that said, “Thank you darling.” Though I was little I already knew the present was too. So I felt ashamed that my gift wasn’t good enough. My best was another bit of junk to add to her funny Mother Day gifts junk pile (which only I seemed to contribute to).

But, as the years passed, something special happened that still stays with me. Mama kept and used that coat hanger in her cupboard until the day she died. I will never forget that, though it was just another one of those funny Mothers Day gifts, Mama appreciated that I cared for her and needed her in my life.

If you’re lucky enough to receive some little funny Mother Day surprise, know this: somebody loves you. They may be totally clueless about what you need and what you’d like. But they love you. Which, when it comes down to it, is really what you need. Happy Mother’s Day (and if you’ve already had your special day, or even if it’s still to come, my warmest wishes to you too)!




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