The fewer the words, the better the prayer.

~ Martin Luther ~

The Worst Day of My Life

February 24th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 36 secs

Life isn't easy.

Do you remember that day when everything, and I mean everything, went wrong? When your life started unfolding one disaster after another, you were having what is technically known as “one of those days.”

Despite all the world’s knowhow and resources there is no known cure for them. It’s simply a case of managing the fall out.

A world where cats and dogs all wear pretty pink ribbons, bluebirds and swallows fly in pairs, and everything alive seems to smile actually doesn’t exist. You might wish that one wave of your spare magic wand turns chaos into neat niceness. But life isn’t like that, is it? And maybe, just maybe, there’s some value in those nightmarish days that all vie for the title of being  “the worst day of my life.”

Mine have been unremarkable. Just the usual car breakdowns, arguments, breakages, spillages, lost keys, torn trousers, puddles, falls, and berating. Mind you, that’s not bad for one day.

No doubt you have the odd story or two to tell too. Like the time you were unbelievably late and everything went horribly wrong. Or when you had that terrible argument. Everyone is bound to have days like these. Just that none of us ever want them in our lifetime.

There are plenty of tips for dealing with the worst day in your life dramas; some of which involve icecream, crying, and chocolate. But I’d like to add one more ingredient to see you through. Keep going!

No matter how appalling your life feels at any one time, just keep going. Even if it feels like things are turning from howlingly bad to appallingly worse, keep going. Will it fix everything so your life feels nicer? Nope. Might it stop the rot and lift your mood? Sorry. Then if life feels no better why would you bother? Well, because you teach yourself something vital. If you keep going when things are most grim and nasty things start hitting the fast spinning fan, you get through. Better yet, you learn that it’s character in life, not luck, rescue, or escape that make the difference.

So if you happen to be having the very worst day of your life you know what to do. Painful as it is, just keep going.





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