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The Worlds Most Beautiful Faces

August 8th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 36 secs

Are the worlds most beautiful faces only found on models?

What makes the worlds most beautiful faces? Is it their sense of perfection? Or, is it their piercing eyes that captivate you? Perhaps it’s a person’s lips that seem so exquisitely shaped. Or maybe, the combination of flawless cheekbones, nose, and chin? Quite a few plastic surgeons strive to reshape looks to create the perfect face. That makes their clients happy because that’s what they crave too. But is that all there is to the world’s most beautiful faces?

The Ancient Greeks talked about the Golden Mean; that mathematical ratio of around 1.6 that created the perfect harmony in architecture, nature, and design. That same concept is frequently used to try to quantify what makes the world’s most beautiful faces. By measuring the length and width of the face, and then dividing the length by the width, you can determine how close to the ideal proportions any face is. As the ultimate result, the Golden Mean of approximately 1.6 says that the worlds most beautiful faces are 1½ times longer than they are wide. Then, by dividing the face into zones (from the hairline to the eyes, the distance between the eyes, from eyes to end of the nose, lips to nose, and distance to the base of the chin) calculations can be made to allegedly “prove” the worlds most beautiful faces are truly the best.

Now, while this ratio has an uncanny way of revealing the general attractiveness of people’s faces, it also has some major flaws. It fails to capture the spirit reflected in any person’s face, which, when you think of it, is a crucial determinant of “X factor” beauty. If a person’s eyes radiate a loveliness about them, it’s hard not to notice. But according to the Golden Mean, that’s irrelevant. Same goes for a person’s expression. When we smile at someone, an extraordinary amount of things are happening, and not just in us. So called “mirror cells” in the other person’s brain are responding to your smile in kind (at least, that’s the theory). Potentially, if they relate to your smile, they will associate all sorts of nice things about you and often feel better about themselves in the process. Surely the worlds most beautiful faces need these attributes too.

But there are other factors to consider. Like the warmth of our presence, how we speak, move, and even, breathe. You and I are the complete package. We are far more than a contoured mask of stretchy skin and muscle called a face. We associate beauty with what we know and appreciate. So we can quite happily be beguiled by the toothless grin of a dear old lady with a twinkle in her eye, or the comical lunacy of crazy friend’s face. That’s why there is no accurate gauge for the worlds most beautiful faces. What you see and delight in isn’t necessarily what someone else sees.

So when somebody starts mentioning the worlds most beautiful faces as if they are universally known, you immediately realize it’s a highly subjective thing. One of the most beautiful faces for me is my wife, Ruth. Not because she looks like a model, but because her face reminds me of everything that I love about her.

Sure, we can admire an attractive face. It’s definitely a good thing. But when people fall into thinking that the worlds most beautiful faces are somehow separate from those who own them… well, to me, that’s sadly shallow. By contrast, the face of that person you know with a kind and accepting heart radiates beauty too. Which, no doubt, confirms what you already know. That the greatest beauty of all is way more than skin deep.





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