Happiness is a mystery, like religion, and should never be rationalised.

~ Gilbert K Chesterton ~

The Wonder Of You

March 22nd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 23 secs

You are you!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice we are living in a technology driven world. With all of its focus on equipment and quantified information, there is a tendency to explain our humanness as if we too are some kind of machine.

While that can be handy, especially when it comes to medical treatment, it does have its limits.  You simply cannot be quantified done, and dusted because there’s a whole lot more to you than meets the technical eye. Infinitely, you are more.

Now I know I will raise the ire of scientific minds aware of those making grandiose claims that are superficial and ridiculous (e.g. “You too can bend spoons”). But I personally believe that you and I are decidedly greater than the sum of our parts.

You are remarkably more than anything classifiable, and though that rankles some, I hold the view that you are more than some flesh and blood mechanism.

Try asking a psychiatrist, for example, what the mind is and he or she will find that’s a tricky question to answer. Can the mind be completely explained? The answer is no. Nor can the seat of your mind be decided (though those studying the brain do hold their own theories).

As different views collide, it’s true to say plenty of conjecture remains, just because nobody really knows. You might have heard folk state that love is merely a chemical reaction. But that’s like saying your thoughts are nothing more than tiny electrical impulses and a bunch of secretions. It’s true but in a ridiculous way.

To do justice to the qualities that you and I possess, we do well to question the full extent of people’s conclusions. To take a reduced view of humanity and declare that’s all we are is equivalent to insisting a paper map is The Grand Canyon.

Discerning the difference between symbols and the wonder of what makes you human and unique is more than mental exercise. It’s starting to matter, as too many people are mistaking summaries and symbols as a valid reality.

Consider this: one day, you will take your inherent uniqueness to the grave and, in the meantime, nobody will understand it all. They can’t. Your identity represents something enigmatic and incredibly difficult to discern. Which, I admit, is a thought that certainly appeals.

Those folk eager to find an answer for everything are over prone to reach the odd wrong conclusion in their enthusiasm. But we are not just a bunch of chemicals, any more than a newborn baby is just another number.

Rationality and science are, as I’ve said before, cool tools for working stuff out. But there are other tools too and some are better for sorting out particular situations. If you want to advance your love relationship, for example, I wouldn’t rely too heavily on rationality and science.

And that’s the point. You and I need to be careful we don’t squander our awe for the sake of pat answers that reduce life down to ridiculous bits.

No matter how assured individuals are that their measures say everything, the wonder of you is way too precious to dismiss. After all, with a mind that cannot be quantified, there’s something immeasurable about you that deserves healthy respect. You are and always will be more than you or anyone else can see.

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